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Photo Nickname Comments
Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I suppose the size of "2 cm" was an error. I changed it to "200 cm". Gary (the guide), please confirm.
Olivier, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
It seems to me that the young catfish was hooked by accident by his tail. You can see the live bait behind the wels catfish tail.
Bibir Et Simon, Carp WEBMASTER
It's a dog food (round things with a hole inside) you can buy in any drugstore (I took the trademark away because we don't make any dog food advertisement).
It seems that carps do appreciate this dog food too...
Stevie D, Carp WEBMASTER
In the input form the weight is in KG without decimals. In the very beginning this site was ment only for wels catfishfishing and decimals were useless. Sorry for this. As the weight of your carp was 27.5lbs, in KG it shoud be 27,5 * 2,2046215 = 12,47379652.
For weights and lenghts you can visit this web site:
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Plamen, could you please give us the very same in english ?
Thank you.
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
yes, we have learned this fake story here:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... this fish was caught (and released) in Italy (South of Europe) in the Po river.
Albino Catfish WEBMASTER
Really exceptional one !!!
Looks like a big aquarium fish.
Congratulations !!!
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Thank you for your feedback and welcome to you and to all visitors from all over the USA states (and all visitors from everywhere). This catfish was caught in Italy by Lucas (from Holland). I must ask him for more facts.
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
The aim of this site is to share a passion, and not just to show the biggest, largest and hugest catfish.
But for those who are interested to see very BIG ONES we have some photos:
YURI: 242cm/103Kg | 7.38ft/227lbs
TONY: 244cm/88Kg | 7.44ft/194lbs
XAVIER: albino 214cm/75Kg | 6.52ft/165lbs
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Giant Catfish Caught in Lake Texoma (2004)
URBANLEGENDS: Emailed photo of a huge catfish supposedly caught in Lake Texoma, Texas
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
All dates in our site are in the european format: DD-MM-YYYY (Day-Month-Year). Your message date is 16-04-2004, month 16 doesn't exist!!!
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... respect to everyone :-)
i have censored several messages from very very dumb ones (more than 50% come from very same state in USA, how bizarre). I think these visitors were quite young or really dumb ones. I don't really understand why this web site is target of hate. This web site is non political one. This web site is not anti american or anti whatever. Thousands of web sites (and forums) are dedicated to politics. Hundreds of web sites are dedicated to spread hate and also "I hate France" attitude. I'm sure that these "angry" visitors can easily find a place in the internet where they can meet others like them.
Best regards to everyone.
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
hi and welcome to our web site. happy to hear you liked the photos. we do have a lot of pleasure to catch them, and release too, after the photo souvenir! ;-)
how did you guess what 'state' i was speaking about ? ;-) i didn't say the name of this 'state' by respect to all non dummies from the very same state! do not worry, i have been travelling enough to know that 'dummies' do not have a special nationality or they are not gathered all in the very same place.
hope this is clearer for all and clarifies what is my opinion.
tight lines to all.
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to ES: can tell me what is the URL of the other photo you are speaking about?
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I recognize that this was offensive language too.
I have {moderated} this excess of language.
Thank you for your feedback.
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Australian web site says:
"Catch of the Month: Keith from South Africa with a HUGE Wells Catfish catch!"
Congratulations Lucas (alias Keith)!!!
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... "Congratulations to this months winner. Keith will receive a Rex Hunt Cap."
Lucas, did you receive a Rex Hunt Cap ?
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Gaetano's giant one: 257cm/100Kg 7.83ft/220.5lbs ../photos/photo-eng.php?item=782
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Normally all photos in this web site should be "Catch & Release" or "No Kill"...
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hi R_H19 !
thank you for your comment.
the webpage you have found seems to be out of date.
the webmaster has put right information in this page:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to TINY:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
it looks the same (and same place too)...
Man eating catfish WEBMASTER
... as every well informed people do know, the wels catfish do EAT:
- cats
- dogs
- birds
- human babies
But the food they prefer the most is fishermen !!!
Tight lines !
Man eating catfish WEBMASTER
Herald Sun & The Sunday Telegraph:,5478,10597003^401,00.html
Man eating catfish WEBMASTER
Dog-eating Catfish:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
size: 256 cm / 7.80 ft
weight: 110Kg / 242.5 lbs
with our friends of  GSI WEBMASTER
Buongiorno a tutti i nostri amici italiani del GSI e grazie per la vostra accoglienza, amicizia e buono umore.
Catfish Saone, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hello Andreas & Peter and welcome to Silurus Glanis. I think this is the first photo we have from your country. We hope to have other ones too from you and any catfish fisherman in our neighbour country Germany.
Tight lines,
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
You keep the line in your hand untill you hook the fish.
The strike of the fish for the bait (and the hook) can be very violent and surprise you.
After hooking you continue the fight with the rod.
When you lift-up the fish in your boat you must also pay attention to not hurt yourself with the big hook in the fish mouth.
Dav, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hello JORGE,
I'm affraid that there is a little mistake somewhere:
- this photo was taken in Mequinenza (in Spain, in Europe)... and not somewhere between Monterrey Mexixo and Austin Texas.
- this catfish species do not exist in North America.
- the used fishing method is not "noodling" or any other hand or mano fishing.

Best regards,
Markku (webmaster)
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to REBALGIRL25, sorry to say this, but your papa's co-worker is mythomaniac ...
Thierryg25, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
The spirit of this website is "no kill" and "catch & release".
I was the photograph for this one, and I can promise you;
I saw these big fish getting safely back in to the river.
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
Normally when visitors submit photos, they should be the owners or one of the owners of the photos. If copied from other source, it could be correct to precise where the photo is taken from (fill the COPYRIGHT © information).
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
see our new video section:
even of traces of blood in the mouth, the catfish could survived ?...
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
See this article (in dutch):
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Dear DRSHERW and others... Why not just follow the link here below "See all photos of LUCAS VAN DER GEEST (photo-eng.php?sub=42&name=LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST)... and find out ?
Vincent, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
HELMUT: in english please ?
Stevie D, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I think your photo is a fake.
Click here for the real photo:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Jakub Vágner:
Gaetano Borghi, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to all country-men of SOCHASIRE:
Mehdi B, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
We are for catch & release program...
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
for age...: i could say this fish is near 20 years old
for taste...: too old for good tasting meat
remarks...: this fish was released after capture & photos
Triple Hook In a Finger WEBMASTER
Normally we do not accept "horror" pictures, but this photo can be used in "educational" purposes too:
It is necessary to be very careful with triple hooks.
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
to Kirk:
Hello, I don't know who is this person.
His nickname is "TEXAS.GAR".
What do you want me to do ?
Delete the photo from this site ?
Please answer me by private email.
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
I have updated the weight of the "beast".
More photos about Alligator Gar fishing (catch & release) can be found at Kirk's website:
Xavier & Lionel WEBMASTER
to KING:
This photo is the first one of series of 4 photos:
(2) photo-eng.php?item=16
(3) photo-eng.php?item=17
(4) photo-eng.php?item=18
Big Ron, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Loch Ness monster is here:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... Aftonbladet in Sweden:,2789,650382,00.html
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
20 years old
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
- The lack of Q.I. of some commentators does not bother me much.
- The comment of REDNECK.IN.TEXAS is one of the "nicest" what we have received from "Bad Boys of Texas".
- The URL of this website ends by ".fr", and it's enough to wake up arrogance (overbearing pride) for some visitors (mainly from TX/USA).
- As I wrote before, there are hundreds of websites for "I hate frenchies" people (and for this time I accepted the message from REDNECK.IN.TEXAS instead of rejecting it).
- BTW, I'm not french (I can show my passport) and I don't hate anybody because of his/hers national background, and I have nothing against our "kind" ignorant rednecks.
- From now on, I'll be more careful and I'll reject all suspect messages...
Best regards to all!
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
27-05-2005 writes:
This could be a Euro record. If this isn't a photoshop wonder then its probably a world record dunno, really unsure. Hard to believe this size of fish is hanging around those rivers in Europe, Germany, Italy. While England and Germany also sport some hugh pike - but they wouldn't hold a candle to this Hugh catfish that was suppose to have been caught in Italy.
This is from a foreign catfish angler's website where a man named Lucas Van Der Geest claims to have caught a 6 1/2 foot catfish weighing 187.4 pounds. It was allegedly caught in the Po River in Italy, although I have know way of substantiating this.

(photos sorted by size)
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Dear P.R.A.N.T.D.I.A, Dear all,

First point:
1.a) The aim of our website is to share a passion about wels catfish fishing (nothing else).
1.b) Our website is not commercial.
1.c) Our website is not political.
1.d) We are not anti-americans, anti-texans or anti-whatever. You can check this very easily.
1.e) We don't hope showing that one nation is kinder or gentler than another (and/or otherwise).
1.f) We don't hope showing that one nation is dumber than another (and/or otherwise).

Second point:
2.a) All this mess about TX/US is out of topic.
2.b) It happens that we receive really many hate messages (mainly based on political matters). (Please read points 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F.). I rejected all these messages. Please take a note of this; I have never ever said or written something like "".
2.c) I was not careful enough when I didn't reject the message from REDNECK.IN.TEXAS. Now I do realize that this could offense both americans and non americans. I do apologize.
2.d) I decide to re-read all comments for this photo 713 and I'll moderate all messages I find 'suspect' or 'not correct'.

To all our visitors, where ever you come from, you are all welcome!!!

Best regards,
Markku (webmaster)
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I have added {moderated} everywhere...
Tight lines,
Markku (webmaster)
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
you can try this link:
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
to OZZY:
you could better contact capt. kirk on his website ?
Roma, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... the warning was here:
Man eating catfish WEBMASTER
another man-eating catfish:
Claude Valette, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
The size conversion system from centimeters to feet was based on Imperial units (UK) only. From now on, we have also the size in FT/US for our visitors from US Foot Survey zone. More info about conversion systen can be found in these pages:
Roma, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
2.30m wels catfish from river EBRO:
Alligator Gar WEBMASTER
to CHRISTOF139: web links do not need copyrights...
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Yuri Grisendi (gsi), Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to BAC:

Our purpose is not to be involved in controversy on the political questions such as appartenence or not Basque Country and Catalonia in Spain.
Jorge Gomez Martinez, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
same photo was submitted last september ?
Beastmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
BEASTMASTER, your 3rd photo was already on this website:
Team Quantum Rhino, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
2 BRAVO!!!
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Jakub fishing in Lyon (France):
file: jakub_197_lyon.wmv
Jed, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
See the VIDEO:
Jed, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
See the VIDEO:
Jed, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
See the VIDEO:
Jed, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
See the VIDEO:
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hi MRCARTER468. Thank you so much for this big information. I'll forward your message to Lucas. I'm shure he didn't know that in fact he is a diver of "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers". Best regards to you and take care.
Peter Merkel, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
-> photo-eng.php?sub=42&name=TEAM.QUANTUM.RHINO
-> photo-eng.php?item=2346
Lio, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Normally we publish photographs NO-KILL only. But in front of this exceptional capture we can make an exception!
Congratulations to the young fisherman for the capture, and cheers to mom who made this fish (is this made of curtains or cloths?)!
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
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