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Photo Nickname Comments
Justin, Wels Catfish JUSTIN
its the lock ness monster how did you get that fish in
Trev, Wels Catfish TREV
makes my english caught 46lb cat look like a tadpole :->
Dentist, Wels Catfish DENTIST
clean teeth & beautiful smile ;-)
Colb, Wels Catfish COLB
good job what cind of bait did you use..... please emale me back and tell me
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I suppose the size of "2 cm" was an error. I changed it to "200 cm". Gary (the guide), please confirm.
On The Web, Wels Catfish ON.THE.WEB
J. Webb's photo on the WEB!!!
Alberto, Wels Catfish ALBERTO
Hi, the catfish of the photograph was caught with carp bait in Escatrón (river Ebro). You can contact me on my web site:
You can also visit it on this web site if you press on "liens" in french.
Sergisiluro, Wels Catfish SERGISILURO
This is the biggest Catfish that have been fished in the Ebro River ?
Midnitejam, Wels Catfish MIDNITEJAM
A bite of a Southern Cat of this size could break an arm.
Wellscat, Wels Catfish WELLSCAT
Wels catfish has carpets of tiny teeth. You can find some photos of inside the mouth in this web site. No real danger for your arm. You can only damage the skin of your hand if you don't hold the fish properly.
Jojo, Wels Catfish JOJO
that is huge! I just caught 1 inch babies yesterday with my little net
Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish GARY.THE.GUIDE
this is the biggest fish from the lower ebro where the dams seperate the river into three section these fish are not able to get back upstream at all so this fish is the biggest from the lower ebro section. probaly one of the largest fish in lenght 2.65 mts long over 8ft the size of the picture is probaly ok for all to see what it looks like but we could not get johns arms round the fishs gurth or gut same thing we are still catching lots of catfish over 140lbs look forward to the detailed information coming out soon in the magazines with knowledge of how to diferentiate there sex and feeding habbits whilst and after spawining.
many thanks
g sheridan
your guide for the ebro.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
It seems to me that the young catfish was hooked by accident by his tail. You can see the live bait behind the wels catfish tail.
Izzy, Wels Catfish IZZY
Brilliant mate, well done you must have had a fight on your hands, i thought i had it bad when i caught a 22lb-er. excellent mate
Tambo, Wels Catfish TAMBO
Yeah - it was awesome, thanx for the note PS am going back 29 Aug :-))))
Kolio Balkanski, Wels Catfish KOLIO.BALKANSKI
where did you get this?
Let me know if you're interested in setting up tourist outings to that undiscovered body of water.
Write to me at
You can write to me in Bulgarian, this site only allows English and French - hense the language.
Jantimetal, Wels Catfish JANTIMETAL
A pretty photo, but how much time where they in the stringer ?
A good fisher is an instant releaser too, three or four photos and let them go away please.
Rayban, Wels Catfish RAYBAN
your sunglasses are TOP
Plamen Kukenski, Wels Catfish PLAMEN.KUKENSKI
Kade go hvana tova zivotno? Koga? Kade? Drasni niakoi red, ako zelaesh!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Plamen, could you please give us the very same in english ?
Thank you.
Kolio Balkanski, Wels Catfish KOLIO.BALKANSKI
whereabouts was this caught - please do tell :-)
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish JAKUB.VAGNER
Sorry, but is it a joke? 210 cm and 70 kg in Spain? This fish was maximum 55 kilos. Best regards, Jakub Vágner
Qintus, Wels Catfish QINTUS
too many pictures for one fish
Tailwalker, Wels Catfish TAILWALKER
Awesome fish. Have you ever been noodling for cats? Noodling is the lost art of using your hands as bait to catch fish. According to Oklahoma State Law, Title 29: The method of fishing by Hand Only. Any use of hooks, bait, rods or reels is deemed illegal. Hand Fishing - aka Noodling, Grabbling, and Hogging is only legal in 4 U.S. States: Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. Peace and Happy New Year.
Winestone Cowboy, Wels Catfish WINESTONE.COWBOY
I know catfish, and that's one heap big cat.
If the anglers kept him for eating, they had to have had a big job of skinning a big boy like that!
Big L, Wels Catfish BIG.L
Thank you for sharing this photo. I probably wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. What an awesome catch. Good work and congratulations, guys!
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST
I didn't keep it to eat. I practise Catch & Release. Greetings, Lucas
Cds, Wels Catfish CDS
Wanted to let you know this picture is being forwarded in the USA as the state of Texas record catfish.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
yes, we have learned this fake story here:
Catman 72, Wels Catfish CATMAN.72
Not sure how the State record catfish rumor got started but I live in TX and we do have a new state record catfish. This one is definitely a lot larger than the one caught in TX. Check out the tx record, story and pictures here...
Creamer, Wels Catfish CREAMER
It's also being circulated as being caught on Lake Norman, near Charlotte, North Carolina.
Xfm, Wels Catfish XFM
Yep, even in sunny South Africa. You are even being credited with having caught the behemoth here in one of our local dams. Congrats anyway!
Michelle, Wels Catfish MICHELLE
Someone gave me a picture of this catfish stating it was caught at Lake Leon in West Texas and that it weighed 151 lbs. I got to searching the net for catfish pictures and found out that these catfish are not catch in the USA. Someone is playing a joke, and the catfish is real, but not catch in the USA.
Benny Frieberg, Wels Catfish BENNY.FRIEBERG
Naptime, Wels Catfish NAPTIME
I received an e-mail saying that this was a new Georgia state record. They said the fish was 140 lbs and was caught in 3.5 feet of water on the Chattahoochee River.
Redheadrick, Wels Catfish REDHEADRICK
So where was this Catfish Caught? Someone said Europe. What part of Europe?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... this fish was caught (and released) in Italy (South of Europe) in the Po river.
Big Ron, Wels Catfish BIG.RON
all taken early morning ....and strung up for about 1 hour for the light ....I respect where you are coming from ....Big Ron
Big Ron, Wels Catfish BIG.RON
My first ever cats ... not a bad start ;)
Mdwebneck, Wels Catfish MDWEBNECK
Was glad to finally find the source (and you added some more data to the gallery entry since my last research visit). I knew it wasn't from TX because if they had caught it there would have been much better advertisement of it and we would have never heard the end of it. ;-)
I see it was caught last year, can you provide the full date? And where along the Po River? I'm not that familiar with Italy. Current MD, USA resident, former TX, USA resident.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Really exceptional one !!!
Looks like a big aquarium fish.
Congratulations !!!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Thank you for your feedback and welcome to you and to all visitors from all over the USA states (and all visitors from everywhere). This catfish was caught in Italy by Lucas (from Holland). I must ask him for more facts.
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST
Reading the above made me burst in laughter.
I am Lucas van der Geest and I caught this fish in the river Po, somewhere south of the city of Mantova (Italy).
I myself live in Holland (near Amsterdam) and drive to Italy (an 18 hour drive) two or three times a year to fish for these big cats.
I caught this fish of 85 kilo a couple of days after I caught a 70 kilo cat. It is my personal best. Allthough this cat is quite a big one, I can assure you that bigger ones have been caught there (over 100 kilo). For instance by Yuri Grisendi, who happens to be an Italian friend of mine. Yuri is the chairman of the Italian Catfish Society (GSI / I myself am the chairman of the Dutch Catfish Society (MSG / I have written three books about this catfish.
During the whole month of July I am working there as a (catfish) guide, so to all you yanks ;-) : why don't you fly to Milano? I will pick you up and after a two hour drive, you'll be fishing in Europe's most notorious catfish water!
This fish being the Texas state record is bullshit (excuse the language). I have never even been in the States and I very much doubt that this type of (cat)fish exist in the States. It's latin name is Silurus Glanis.
Hope this will clearify a lot of the nonsense told about this fish.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
The aim of this site is to share a passion, and not just to show the biggest, largest and hugest catfish.
But for those who are interested to see very BIG ONES we have some photos:
YURI: 242cm/103Kg | 7.38ft/227lbs
TONY: 244cm/88Kg | 7.44ft/194lbs
XAVIER: albino 214cm/75Kg | 6.52ft/165lbs
Dwb, Wels Catfish DWB
LOL Lucas. Jealous fishermen never cease to amaze me.....
Tell a fish story... It's a lie.
Show a picture... It's fake.
Hold up the fish... You didn't catch that!
Lucas is a friend of mine. I can attest that the fish is real. Just like this one: and this one: and this one:
Hey, who is that last guy? Looks like Lucas.... lol. Next spring buddy... The big one. ;-) Be sure and send me the pics of those big cats you get this summer. Ciao.
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST
Thanks Dirty White Boy from Kanosha (USA) ;-) Lucas
Tippi, Wels Catfish TIPPI
I was looking at all these pictures and it reminded me of a story my grandpa told me.
He said back when he was my age, which was about 1946, he was walking on a bridge over the Danube in Romania, and he said he say a huge catfish the size of a man standing up washed up on the bank.
I was wondering if the Silurus Glanis also are in the Danube around the Romanian country side.
And also, how do you fish for them, using bobbers, lures or traditional methods for catching catfish here in the states such as chiken liver and stink bait?
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST
Yes, there are catfish in the Danube, so your grandfather could very well have told you the truth!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Giant Catfish Caught in Lake Texoma (2004)
URBANLEGENDS: Emailed photo of a huge catfish supposedly caught in Lake Texoma, Texas
Ladyfisher, Wels Catfish LADYFISHER
I first learned of this great catch when my husband sent me a copy from work. The copy said it was caught in Illinois. The biggest catfish I ever caught was 3lbs here in Ill. I dont know what I would do if I caught one over 100lbs! I think I will be revisiting Italy soon.
Sparkle, Wels Catfish SPARKLE
Saw the 'fish story' on and it sent me to your site for the 'real story'. That is one big fish. Just curious though why all the dates here end with 2004 on months that haven't even come yet? It is only April yet some of the dates say September etc. Just curious.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
All dates in our site are in the european format: DD-MM-YYYY (Day-Month-Year). Your message date is 16-04-2004, month 16 doesn't exist!!!
Bizzaar World, Wels Catfish BIZZAAR.WORLD
for one thing that is one nice ass cat but there is no way u will find me in that water that deep and with catfish that big. arnt you afraid that the cat will bit you are something like
Rob Uk Pikemaster, Wels Catfish ROB.UK.PIKEMASTER
This is a Wels, or Danubian Catfish as they are also known. This species of catfish is present only in rivers and some lakes (by human introduction) IN EUROPE. It is completely different from the cats you have in the USA. It was almost certainly caught in the river Ebro in Spain. The record for the Ebro is around 190 - 195 pounds. Respect to the captors of this quality fish!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... respect to everyone :-)
i have censored several messages from very very dumb ones (more than 50% come from very same state in USA, how bizarre). I think these visitors were quite young or really dumb ones. I don't really understand why this web site is target of hate. This web site is non political one. This web site is not anti american or anti whatever. Thousands of web sites (and forums) are dedicated to politics. Hundreds of web sites are dedicated to spread hate and also "I hate France" attitude. I'm sure that these "angry" visitors can easily find a place in the internet where they can meet others like them.
Best regards to everyone.
Bud, Wels Catfish BUD
Those are very impressive fish. I spent the weekend snagging paddlefish in Missouri (USA), but they are nothing compared to your Po River catfish!
Krisred01, Wels Catfish KRISRED01
Hello, I am from 'that' state that you keep getting ignorant emails. Not all of us are stupid hicks, which I am sure you are aware. That is a beautiful fish. I remember my grandfather taking me fishing when I was young and thinking that my five pounder was HUGE! (at least to an eight year old)
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
hi and welcome to our web site. happy to hear you liked the photos. we do have a lot of pleasure to catch them, and release too, after the photo souvenir! ;-)
how did you guess what 'state' i was speaking about ? ;-) i didn't say the name of this 'state' by respect to all non dummies from the very same state! do not worry, i have been travelling enough to know that 'dummies' do not have a special nationality or they are not gathered all in the very same place.
hope this is clearer for all and clarifies what is my opinion.
tight lines to all.
Es, Wels Catfish ES
well i found this site after several people claimed the fish was a blue cat from texas on another board over here in the states. i knew it was a wels, but didnt know if i could find the stats on it, glad i could. it really is a beatiful fish. though any fish bigger then me scares me a bit. DWB, do you have the weight/length on the wels in the pic you posted? that one was also posted on this bored, again someone claimed it was a fish caught in the states, i know its a wels, but i'm curious how big it is.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to ES: can tell me what is the URL of the other photo you are speaking about?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Rapid Roy, Wels Catfish RAPID.ROY
Awesome fish but you could have blocked the {moderated} comment (unless he meant cents); )
I apologize for the rude American comments, aren't we all fisherman here?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I recognize that this was offensive language too.
I have {moderated} this excess of language.
Thank you for your feedback.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Australian web site says:
"Catch of the Month: Keith from South Africa with a HUGE Wells Catfish catch!"
Congratulations Lucas (alias Keith)!!!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... "Congratulations to this months winner. Keith will receive a Rex Hunt Cap."
Lucas, did you receive a Rex Hunt Cap ?
Lucas Van Der Geest, Wels Catfish LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST
Bingo voor Gaetano Borghi: 257 centimeter !!!
Jakub Vagner, Wels Catfish JAKUB.VAGNER
Gaetano, no coment!
Very, very and one more time very nice fish.
Congratulations to you!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Gaetano's giant one: 257cm/100Kg 7.83ft/220.5lbs ../photos/photo-eng.php?item=782
Stevie D, Wels Catfish STEVIE.D
what a fantastic fish congratulions
Cj, Wels Catfish CJ
How do you make reservations to go fishing with a guide that can put you on these kind of fish?
Tr, Wels Catfish TR
What a marvelous fish. Congratulations to Lucas. Great web site, too; entertaining, informative and an international community.
P.S. As Italy is south of Europe, Texas is south of the U.S. and north of Mexico. :-)
Grumpy, Wels Catfish GRUMPY
I'm a lady from Louisiana who loves to fish. A 5# blue cat on a crappie jig and pole is pretty awesome. Enjoyed the pics and the website. I may have to make a trip to Italy one day. Keep fishing...
Jeff From Georgia, Wels Catfish JEFF.FROM.GEORGIA
Very nice... We catch bull reds in salt water up to 40lbs from shore, but nothing like this.. Congrats on your catch.. When may I come to Italy and have you as a guide?.. Again.. VERY NICE..
Nix, Wels Catfish NIX
I guess the fact that Lucas caught the cat and not the other way around means humans are more or less still at (or near) the top of the food chain but HOLY COW that is one scary looking critter (sharks not withstanding)!!!!
Dodgeyrog And Woo, Wels Catfish DODGEYROG.AND.WOO
Well done! Please can you tell me if there are any organised trips to the area that this superb fish was caught from. Thanks
Neil, Wels Catfish NEIL
That's a big mouth, and obviously, a big fish!
That [Moderated] could probably kill a human being.
Man I'm starting to become a little scared of all these big bastards!
Oldtownag, Wels Catfish OLDTOWNAG
Awesome fish! I am a catfisher here in Texas and we see Blue and Flathead catfish in the 100 lbs. range quite often. The new state record is a 121 lb. Blue cat. Nothing close to the size of your Wels cats.
Will, Wels Catfish WILL
Absolutely fantastic! It amazes me what lies at the depths of earths waters.
Stoney And Girlfriend Ruthy, Wels Catfish STONEY.AND.GIRLFRIEND.RUTHY
Gee guys!! That's stupid BIG!!!!
What kind of line (strength) did you use? Where in ITALY???
Texas Aggie, Wels Catfish TEXAS.AGGIE
I received the above picture in an email quoting it was a 140 lb cat caught on Lake Texoma here in Texas. In amazement and slight disbelief I searched the web and found the truth.I then edited the forward and sent it back out with the real texas and U.S. record blue cat: 121 lbs caught on a rod and reel on Lake Texoma this past January. I'm sure there are bigger there, but bass fishing is huge in Texas, more popular than catfishing. BUT I may start catfishing if I could catch some lunkers, WOW! Congrats on the huuge fish Lucas.
Also, I apologize for any of my ignorant brethren's comments. I can attest that most people in Texas are not like that.
Now let's go catch some fish!
Lynne, Wels Catfish LYNNE
Wow! What an amazing fish. I don't really fish a lot I just find the wels catfish interesting. You guys do release them, right?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Normally all photos in this web site should be "Catch & Release" or "No Kill"...
Courtz, Wels Catfish COURTZ
that sure aint no kitten!
Pondslapper, Wels Catfish PONDSLAPPER
I would like to give credit where its do for the 121 in a half pound 60 inch blue catfish caught in lake texahoma jan.16,2004 to CODY MULLENIX.
Way to go. It really makes an angler smile to know that you would release such a monster. Thats a true sportsman. I once invited a fellow named Harlen Jordan to go deer hunting with me. All the guy wanted to bring was his camera. He told me that if he took a picture as close as an marksman can take a shot, who would argue with letting the trophy deer live.
P.S. thanx texas aggie for stating that not all texans think alike. There are a few that need to enjoy our tourists most famous, I35 north. hehehe
Depitydawg, Wels Catfish DEPITYDAWG
hhmmmmm..... whats next... horror movies of mutated giant catfish... they did one on snakeheads, sharks, etc...
Bigtime, Wels Catfish BIGTIME
What I want to know is who is that burning hunk of manhood helping you hold that fish, Lucas?! Suddenly I want to leave my things behind and become a fisherwoman in Italy...
Okay - so can you eat these things? The fish not your friend :)
I know you practice catch and release, but have you ever heard of or actually tasted one? Does it taste the same as the smaller varieties?
Cajungator, Wels Catfish CAJUNGATOR
That is one Big Cat. My wife and I would really love to catch one of that size. We've caught some that we considered monster cats. 50-70lbs. But, this one makes them look like babies. We caught ours in South Texas and Southern Louisiana.
Rio Frio, Wels Catfish RIO.FRIO
As I young boy, my father and I caught catfish in the shallow marsh waters along the Southwest Pass of the Mississipi utilizing trot lines. These river cats were in excess of 5 ft. long and move into the shallow waters in spring to spawn. Unfortunately this was prior to catch and release fishing and there was not the glamour of claiming records. On numerous occasions the catfish were so large that we could only carry one at a time in the piroque. I no longer live in Louisiana, but have taught my son the advantage of catch and release fishing, although we still take selected fish home for the cookpot.
Tiny, Wels Catfish TINY
People are still passing that photo around as an american catfish record ... just recently as yesterday someone asked me if I'd ever caught one that big and I said nope and that ain't a US catfish or something like that and pointed um here to show where the picture originated ... you might be interested to know that one of them redneck boys edited the photo and put a nuclear power plant in the background on the most recent one I seen at
hahaha I guess the story isn't big enough for them so they have to blow it up even bigger
River Rat, Wels Catfish RIVER.RAT
Silucas, I want to congratulate you on catching the State record catfish of about 20 of the 50 United states. This is a mighty fine fish.
It seems that someone has copied your photo and sent it to a lot of the newspapers here in the U.S., stating that it is the new state record. This is real funny because we do not even have this species of catfish in North America.
I can not stop laughing the stories are so funny. This fish has made a mockery of the newspapers, and has proved just how gullible people really are.
Once again I congratulate you on a fine catch.
R H19, Wels Catfish R_H19
I am a beginning catfisher and this is inspiring.
Maybe one day I will get one like this.
FYI - Here is a link with the your photo attached to the wrong name:
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hi R_H19 !
thank you for your comment.
the webpage you have found seems to be out of date.
the webmaster has put right information in this page:
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to TINY:
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
it looks the same (and same place too)...
Bankfisher, Wels Catfish BANKFISHER
Nice fish indeed. I am curious if most or all of the persons targeting these fish practice catch and release. It would be a shame to keep a fish which is larger than the fisherman.
Cyrano76, Wels Catfish CYRANO76
Wow, you guys rock - someday I want to catch a big fish like that - the only things I've caught are little mountain trout (6-8 inches) in Yosemite and one inedible fish about 10 inches in the aforementioned Lake Texoma (visiting relatives). No bass, but a whole mess of good perch for dinner: )
{moderated}: Please use our link page for link exhanges...
Ferminator, Wels Catfish FERMINATOR
Nice catch! Congratulations! I got here looking for the origin of the picture. I bet Lucas never imagined his picture was going to be used as a joke around the world. I saw it at an outdoors website here in Mexico.
Noah, Wels Catfish NOAH
not very kind for the fish this ring method
better kill and eat the fish than make it suffer this way
Widdles, Wels Catfish WIDDLES
can you tell me the best rivers to fish in andalucia
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