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Photo Nickname Comments
Catman 033, Wels Catfish CATMAN_033
I have been fishing for flatheads and blues my hole life. I am also a fish biologist, and I must say, I wish I could have studied this fish. Becouse I didnt and from what I have learned over 40 years in my studies leads me to believe this is a hokes. Although I wont I wont go in to detail. There is also no records of this fish ever being caught. The world record was broken by your catch but you didnt turn it in. That makes no sence!! Well if it is true congrats on the catch.
Tx Ag, Wels Catfish TX_AG
If CATMAN_033 really was a fish biologist, therefore educated, I don't think he would have so many spelling errors. Additionally, he would probably refer to himself as a marine biologist.
Karen, Wels Catfish KAREN
Lucas, Great catch !
i live in Tennessee and the biggest catfish i ever caught was only 14 lbs hahaha altho, i seen pics of one a guy from a fishin chat here on aol caught in bama weighin 111 lbs.
i thought his was a biggun till i seen yours !
so which guy are u in this pic ?
i wished i could catch me one that big, by the way ?
what did u use for bait to catch that monster ?
u can write me back at
i been curious about this pic its been all over the net and i thought it was a phony, but if ur for real then thats awesome !
Have a great day and tight lines !
News Com Au, Wels Catfish NEWS.COM.AU
From correspondents in Berlin
August 29, 2004
Catfish eats dog
A GIANT catfish is suspected of having eaten a dog in a German lake near the Polish border. The estimated 1.5m catfish has been making waves in the small lake near Gueldendorf for several years, according to the Berliner Kurier newspaper. Catfish are scavengers that feed on plants and animals on the beds of lakes and rivers. They can, on rare occasions, grow up to 4.5m and weigh as much as 300kg. But the giant fish has developed other tastes and is emptying the lake of all the other fish. Now a small dachshund is believed to have been pulled underwater and eaten, the report said. Attempts to net the catfish have failed.,4057,10597003%255E13762,00.html
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... as every well informed people do know, the wels catfish do EAT:
- cats
- dogs
- birds
- human babies
But the food they prefer the most is fishermen !!!
Tight lines !
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Herald Sun & The Sunday Telegraph:,5478,10597003^401,00.html
Ky, Wels Catfish KY
How hard do these fish fight?
A 200+lbs cat caught in a float tube must be a hell of an adventure!
I studied amazon fish in Brasil for several years and was fortunate to catch a few 500lbs giants (including one that tore the bow off my boat), but never on a float tube-the thought of piranhas and huge cats lurking below will probably keep me from trying that.
Anyone know good links for learning more about these giant european cats?
By the way Lucas, congrats on catching the record catfish in Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina...
Keith, Wels Catfish KEITH
you say the fish hit so hard it allmost got a finger.
let me get this rigth you didnt have a fishin-pole?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Dog-eating Catfish:
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
size: 256 cm / 7.80 ft
weight: 110Kg / 242.5 lbs
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Buongiorno a tutti i nostri amici italiani del GSI e grazie per la vostra accoglienza, amicizia e buono umore.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hello Andreas & Peter and welcome to Silurus Glanis. I think this is the first photo we have from your country. We hope to have other ones too from you and any catfish fisherman in our neighbour country Germany.
Tight lines,
Bubba Junior, Wels Catfish BUBBA.JUNIOR
Ask confirmation : This is not fishing with hands or noodling ?
Xavier, Wels Catfish XAVIER
Hello Keith, just contact with the fish, line in the hand and after the fight with the rod
NB/ Sorry for my english
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
You keep the line in your hand untill you hook the fish.
The strike of the fish for the bait (and the hook) can be very violent and surprise you.
After hooking you continue the fight with the rod.
When you lift-up the fish in your boat you must also pay attention to not hurt yourself with the big hook in the fish mouth.
Jorge, Wels Catfish JORGE
Hello David, I live between Monterrey Mexico and Austin Texas and was wondering if you know about someone in the area that knows about "noodling"... and places to get these big fishes?

Where are you from?
Where are you living presently?
Congratulations for your success pitures.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Hello JORGE,
I'm affraid that there is a little mistake somewhere:
- this photo was taken in Mequinenza (in Spain, in Europe)... and not somewhere between Monterrey Mexixo and Austin Texas.
- this catfish species do not exist in North America.
- the used fishing method is not "noodling" or any other hand or mano fishing.

Best regards,
Markku (webmaster)
Jennifrog, Wels Catfish JENNIFROG
What a fish! When I first saw this pic I knew there was no way that sucker was pulled out of Lake Texoma! An old member of the Bassmasters Association, and the daughter of a frequent fisherman, that cat just didn't look anything like the fish I saw pulled out of Texoma.
I grew up in and around Oklahoma lakes, and the largest catfish (or any other fish for that matter) that I ever saw fished out of the water was as long as I was (I was about 9 years old), though I don't know how heavy. Okie Noodling-style a huge catfish which I saw, still struggling to breathe, laid out on the tail of his pick-up truck, reaching from end to end.
I refused to venture into the murky red waters of the local lake it was pulled from for the rest of the summer!
Pik3, Wels Catfish PIK3
What kind of worms can catch those monsters???
Depitydawg, Wels Catfish DEPITYDAWG
SEEEEE, I tol ya'll they wuz gonna do a picture show on giant (oh, shucks,) them big ol' fishies... next movie out is FRANKENFISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wili, Wels Catfish WILI
Lug, Wels Catfish LUG
When the photo first appeared and it was stated that it was caught in North America, I was suspicious. Take a good look at the anal fin and the caudal fin, continuous. Big cats still are isolated from one another. Take a look at the picture of the real state record taken from Lake Texoma, 121 1/2 lb.
Rebalgirl25, Wels Catfish REBALGIRL25
My father works at the post office and one of his co-workers said that this pic was his family members who caught this in oklahoma!
So I got on the computer to find this pic so he can post this on his co-workers locker.
Great Job!!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to REBALGIRL25, sorry to say this, but your papa's co-worker is mythomaniac ...
Michael, Wels Catfish MICHAEL
Perhaps I am missing something, but I fail to see the point of killing these creatures. The large specimens must be very old and part of the spawning stock. It is distressing to see the pleasure in the faces of those responsible for this gratuitous destruction.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
The spirit of this website is "no kill" and "catch & release".
I was the photograph for this one, and I can promise you;
I saw these big fish getting safely back in to the river.
Matt, Wels Catfish MATT
Super catfish. Our Texas record blue cat is quite a bit smaller, but still a nice fish. I can't believe all the idiots that have written in claiming your pic is a fake. Never heard of the Wels species, but you sure have taken some nice cats out of Italy. Congratulations on a beautiful fish.
Duckhuntr44, Wels Catfish DUCKHUNTR44
I believe that this a huge azz catfish! But the fact that it was caught in TX?? That is just a flat out lie!!! I do believe that the catfish was caught on an eel, one of my friends caught an 80 lb catfish in a 30 acre lake on an eel. I have read many different stories and this is the only one i believe. CONGRATS.
Fishing4trouble, Wels Catfish FISHING4TROUBLE
I've only caught 2 fish in my life no matter how many times I've gone fishing. One was too small and one was a perch. My ass is jealous down to the tips of my toes!!!!
Fishing4trouble, Wels Catfish FISHING4TROUBLE
Who are we rating? The guy or the fish?
Pete, Wels Catfish PETE
Hey folks, Please stop with the illiterate typos. To recognize any type of catfish look at its body parts. Anyone with half a brain can see that a wels has an anal fin more like a giant eel than other catfish. Also some wels in the black sea, if I am correct may have measured around 16 feet long and very likely licked their chops when a fisherman came into view. As was mentioned before he is in the genus Silurus which is different than our american cats. So. Since that is the case, not to worry, he is in a different weight class like us powerlifters and don't need to compete. All in all, anything that really yanks your pole and gives you pleasure is really great!
Lynn, Wels Catfish LYNN
All I have to say is "WOW" to the taller guy on the right in the pic. What a hottie. I also noticed, while looking at other pics of guys with their big fish, that it must be a pre-requisite that you be a hot guy to catch the big fish. Throw me a line!!
Congrats Lucas on the big fish.
Sparkplug, Wels Catfish SPARKPLUG
This is so cool, my son is using this shot of the BIG fish for his report for school! He is on the A/B honor roll at school (5th grade). I know he will get an A+. Thank you both for sharing such a neat day on the lake! He hopes on day to catch his own this size! A grateful mom.
Manjunath, Wels Catfish MANJUNATH
Firstly congrats to the captors of the fish, i am from south of India. I myself have caught a catfish or two, but i must say i have never seen a catfish larger than 2 feet (at my place) so i am curoius to know if there are such kind of monstrous catfish in indian rivers, cud anyone enlighten me to this quirey of mine.
Harry Ruiz, Wels Catfish HARRY.RUIZ
CEDRIC, that is an excellent catch congratulations!
Now i have a question for you. I am working as a consultant for a Public Aquarium in Puerto Rico. We just finish with the wish list for the fresh water specie and the "Wels Catfish" is in our list for the educational exhibit. We are looking for some one that can help us to get incontact with any private or goverment agencie that could collect small speciments of (Wels Catfish / Silurus glanis). Please if you have any info or any one els please contact me at:
Thank for your time and Well Done!
Cordially: Harry Ruiz
Fat Gordie, Wels Catfish FAT.GORDIE
Back in '91, I was part of canoe trip that went the distance of the Danube... To the person that enquired about Danube catfish - well we didn't do any fishing but we did see a couple of local fisherman (in Serbia, then Yugoslavia) with a couple of 50 plus pound Cats (net caught) and then farther down the river (just past Belgrade) we cruised up on a big, big cat who was cruising topside. We startled it, it scared the crap out of us. It wasn't as big as this latest photo but it was still a very big fish. Ya, your Grandpappy was telling you the truth- big, big Cats in the Danube.
Frank, Wels Catfish FRANK
Lucas, You're an animal. Great fish! I caught a 26 pound blue last spring with 8# test and a light spinning rig while fishing for crappie. Took about 20 minutes to land that one so yours had to be a hoot! Great job from Houston.
Mrmyke709, Wels Catfish MRMYKE709
Nice fish, Lucas.
What did you use for bait, a baby?; )
We have a saying here in Texas...
Eat... Sleep... Go Fishing"
Words to live by.
Tig, Wels Catfish TIG
Frank, I love catchin 26 LB. blues, but I pray I never do it on one of my 12 Ft. crappie rods LOL! Lucas, very nice fish by the way, I am curious about what method you use for fish of that magnitude. Is a truot line the method of choice or a throw line, stump hook? Here in North Texas I've taken several nice cats in the 60# range with a short line in conjunction with a 2 Ft. rubber section (to avoid break offs) tied to a stump near the river channel. Usualy anywhere you have a depth of around 12 Ft. close to deeper water (25-35 Ft.) Bait of choice is usually Carp or small Pearch. Also I would like to add that I live about 35 miles south of Lake Texoma and the state record 121.5 lb. "Texoma High Fin Blue" was caught on a light rod and reel with 20 Lb. line. Pretty amazing I thought! But anyway next time you fishermen of the world are in the NE Texas area around the Sulpher River in January stop and get yourself some Crappie jigs and spend the day jerkin out 16 inch Crappie as fast as you can get em in the boat lol! Now thats Big fun in Texas
L8r tig!
Ml, Wels Catfish ML
How did you catch that fish? It seems as if it would be wiggling and writhing to get free. How do you get it to stay still to hold it? There are some amazing forms of life on this planet! Fisherpeople included.
D Mama, Wels Catfish D-MAMA
I have only one question...
Why in the world would you ever kill and eat that fish, he was a monument, a "god of fish" of sorts..
he should have been kept alive and shown off!
but none the less, congrats on the catch.
Simone Auerman, Wels Catfish SIMONE.AUERMAN
your fish look like a plastic toy. exeptionally beautiful catch anyway. congrats.
Ctown79, Wels Catfish CTOWN79
Thats a nice fish!
He lookis kinda dirty to me!
I hope your on the catch and release program!
Wxcvbn, Wels Catfish WXCVBN
(o|o) see the hook & worm in the mouth!
Baldheadedbilly, Wels Catfish BALDHEADEDBILLY
Hello world. I grew up in south Louisiana, "geaux tigers"! and now live in Texas. I love to fish and target big lake cats. I had the pleasure of meeting a true urban hero. His name is Cody Mullenix, he caught splash, the world record blue cat caught on rod and reel. I saw the wonderfull creature with my own eyes, took some pictures of her and took one with the man himself. He is a quiet regular guy and is very humble. If you want to see splash, you can go to and there is a very good write up on the truth of this catch. The fish is amazing and the story is too. I walked up to Cody and said, "hi hero!". He just kinda grinned and said "man I'm just a guy that caught a big fish." I said you are a hero to the catch and release world, and you are surely a hero to splash. I agree that this website is one of sharing a passion not one to argue, so if you respond to any of these friendly guys or gals on this site, dont even think for a moment that i will even consider responding. You guys across the world from us here, more power to you and thank you for sharing your stories and pictures. I love learning about the different species of cats world wide. I've seen 80 pounders before, but splash was the biggest. God bless the world, and yourself.!!!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
see our new video section:
Russell, Wels Catfish RUSSELL
those are amazing
Catfish Saone, Wels Catfish CATFISH.SAONE
Is this catfish really alife?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
even of traces of blood in the mouth, the catfish could survived ?...
Drsherw, Wels Catfish DRSHERW
Lucas? Are you the gentleman on the left or the right? Thank you.
Curious lady from Virginia!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Dear DRSHERW and others... Why not just follow the link here below "See all photos of LUCAS VAN DER GEEST (photo-eng.php?sub=42&name=LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST)... and find out ?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
HELMUT: in english please ?
Swordfish, Wels Catfish SWORDFISH
man i gotta go catch me a fish there
Deeplaker60, Wels Catfish DEEPLAKER60
Are those wels catfish any good to eat? Have they been stocked anywhere in the USA?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I think your photo is a fake.
Click here for the real photo:
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Nicole Meinz, Wels Catfish NICOLE.MEINZ
Hello, I would very much like to come in contact with Jakub Vágner, becauce my fathers biggest dream is to catch a catfish especially in The Czech Republich. But we really don't know anything about places to go, and that is why we very much like to come in contact with Jakub Vágner. Our e-mail is:
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Jakub Vágner:
Baldheadedbilly, Wels Catfish BALDHEADEDBILLY
Hi, Lucas this time around I want to correct my first comment. I meant to say if folks respond negatively, I would not respond. So Lucas when are you going to take your trip this year? I would love to meet you, see that part of the world and try to hook one of those wels cats. If you ever get into texas make it known on your site, and I'll tell you where to go to catch some big ole blues!
Fisher, Wels Catfish FISHER
holy **** that is huge and not to mention albino, biggest catfish I ever saw and i never knew catfish could be albino.
Donald Dozier, Wels Catfish DONALD.DOZIER
Lucas says he practices catch and release. Since that fish is about average for the Harpeth River near Nashville, Tenn. I don't blame him for putting it back. I'd be ashamed to talk about it, too.
Stevie D, Wels Catfish STEVIE.D
I think you are right, we have looked at our old photos and we have caught this fish also!! The picture is in the fiction gallery!
Wade, Wels Catfish WADE
Being an advid catfisherman from the U.S. for a while now, I love the species.
My biggest yet was a 58 lbs blue cat in the James river.
All of mine have been released back to wear they came with no harm done.
Thanks for an awesome website!
Sochasire, Wels Catfish SOCHASIRE
A truly stunning achievement Gaetano. My father was an avid and excellent fisherman and in his travels with the US Navy had travelled and fished in many countries. I'm sure he would have been deeply impressed. I know it takes more than just luck to land the big ones. Excellent job. Was your Wels a Catch-and-Release? BTW, I and many fellow yanks DO know where Italy and the Po River are. I apologize for my country-man.
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to all country-men of SOCHASIRE:
Wolfie, Wels Catfish WOLFIE
All I can say is WOW! Living in SA I have seen some cat fish which I thought was big! But nothing compared to waht I just saw on here. I came accross this article via - at 1st I didnt beleive it... but all I can say, this is one fish story I believe!
Cr8zy Gir, Wels Catfish CR8ZY.GIR
It truly amazes me that this started over a year ago, and after all this time it is still being passed around as a "new" item.
Lucas - this really is an awesome catch, My husband loves to take our two children fishing here in GA - to them a 5lb trout might as well be 100lbs! - Their Faces are just as ecstatic regardless of how big it is.
That being said - I can only imagine the look and overall excitement on YOUR face when you brought this big cat in - after all - aren't we all just big kids?
Tim Scott, Wels Catfish TIM.SCOTT
I am an editor for a USA-based fishing magazine and would like to include a photo of you such as this one showing the top-set eyes and underbite that the wels cats exhibit for an upcoming piece on klonking. The piece will deal with some american catfishermen and their klonking experiences as well as a printed link to the site where fishermen may purchase a qualiy example of a klonk. Please contact me at your earliest convience as the deadline for the photos is approaching. You are welcome to review the article for authenticity.
Good Fishing,
Tim Scott
Funnylookingowl, Wels Catfish FUNNYLOOKINGOWL
I have absolutely no idea how I got to this website but it is interesting stuff even though I know nothing about fishing. I was wondering... How old would a catfish this size be? Also I wouldn't condone anyone eating anything that's survived long enough to grow this big, but if one was to eat a catfish of this size, would it taste the same as a smaller catfish?
Shellcracker2, Wels Catfish SHELLCRACKER2
good god folks, THERES NO DORSAL FIN!
no cat in the states are without it! in kentucky
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
We are for catch & release program...
Tk, Wels Catfish TK
holy crap
how did you catch that catfish
i love to fish and ive never even seen a fish that big.
Funnylookingowl, Wels Catfish FUNNYLOOKINGOWL
Hey, is anyone going to answer my question (see above) as to the age & taste of these catfish?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
for age...: i could say this fish is near 20 years old
for taste...: too old for good tasting meat
remarks...: this fish was released after capture & photos
Dodgerulz, Wels Catfish DODGERULZ
Nice catch Lucas!
To all you people still doubting the real story all you need to do is check out sites like and
Also, a message to REDNECK.IN.TEXAS: Lay off dude, you're just jealous, nice catches with your 3 26 pounders, but this fish alone still weighs much more than all of yours put together!
I don't really think it's right to even compare the two, because one is a Blue and the other is a Wels, so it would be kind of like if I went and caught a Peacock bass and tried to compare it to a Smallmouth, but if you Texan's want to be that way, here's news: A cattie that size has never and will never be caught in Texas! (no offense to Texan's in general, I am talking to people like REDNECK.IN.TEXAS and the other {moderated} out there who can't admit a fact).
Kittykiller, Wels Catfish KITTYKILLER
That is a truly awesome fish!! I would also like to say that I am embarassed by what some of the other Americans have said here, and pity their ignorance.
Kentucky, USA
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Normally we do not accept "horror" pictures, but this photo can be used in "educational" purposes too:
It is necessary to be very careful with triple hooks.
Strikeking, Wels Catfish STRIKEKING
Life is like a coin you can spend it any way you like but you can only spend it once.
Bullfrog, Wels Catfish BULLFROG
Makes me want to fish for catfish.
Nice fish.
King, Wels Catfish KING
i like that you tell the size of the fish but in order for us viewers we need to be able to see the fish in order to fully understand that size
Carpboy, Wels Catfish CARPBOY
lots of great fish but why do you not use an unhooking mat like Alberto?
Get one, they are great: O)
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
to KING:
This photo is the first one of series of 4 photos:
(2) photo-eng.php?item=16
(3) photo-eng.php?item=17
(4) photo-eng.php?item=18
Arizona Fisherman, Wels Catfish ARIZONA.FISHERMAN
Hi just to let everybody know there is fish that large here in the United States. But that large of fish hangs mostly around close to the damns and eat the small quality of smaller fish.
As divers who check the drain by the damn have actaully seen them. They have been spotted in the damns by the Arizona lakes. So if anybody thinks these large fish ae fake. You are in la - la land. Wake up. This is a proven true fact.. REX
Seth, Wels Catfish SETH
That is one massive catfish!
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Loch Ness monster is here:
Raz, Wels Catfish RAZ
nice one grandad dax
Jeff From Georgia, Wels Catfish JEFF.FROM.GEORGIA
Theres a new United States Catfish record.. It was caught in Illinios in the Mississippi River.. Heres a link to the article..
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
... Aftonbladet in Sweden:,2789,650382,00.html
Joman, Wels Catfish JOMAN
Hello and grats on the nice fish. I was wondering on what the age might be for a cat that size?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
20 years old
Primetimerg, Wels Catfish PRIMETIMERG
Why does that link about the Fish in Miss. say "World Record"? It is not as big as the one on this page, right?
El Bastardo Loco, Wels Catfish EL.BASTARDO.LOCO
There is nothing more ignorant than a jealous redneck. First off....he is from Holland, not France. Second, it is perfectly clear it isn't a fake pic. Third, I do believe that REDNECK.IN.TEXAS has a serious {moderated} problem (you know what I mean by this), as with a few others on here. Do you speak the same as you type, Mr. REDNECK.IN.TEXAS?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
- The lack of Q.I. of some commentators does not bother me much.
- The comment of REDNECK.IN.TEXAS is one of the "nicest" what we have received from "Bad Boys of Texas".
- The URL of this website ends by ".fr", and it's enough to wake up arrogance (overbearing pride) for some visitors (mainly from TX/USA).
- As I wrote before, there are hundreds of websites for "I hate frenchies" people (and for this time I accepted the message from REDNECK.IN.TEXAS instead of rejecting it).
- BTW, I'm not french (I can show my passport) and I don't hate anybody because of his/hers national background, and I have nothing against our "kind" ignorant rednecks.
- From now on, I'll be more careful and I'll reject all suspect messages...
Best regards to all!
El Bastardo Loco, Wels Catfish EL.BASTARDO.LOCO
I apologize for my own ignorance. I am intolorant of stupidity, but have had time to get over it by now. I will refrain from lashing out in the future.
Shebeeinks, Wels Catfish SHEBEEINKS
To Redneck.In.Texas
Are you sure you're from The States? You don't write like you are. To my American eyes your writing looks more like someone trying to "sound" American. That, or you have completly forgot everything your English teachers ever taught you.
BTW, how did you catch from 3 cats? Pole or noodlein'?
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
27-05-2005 writes:
This could be a Euro record. If this isn't a photoshop wonder then its probably a world record dunno, really unsure. Hard to believe this size of fish is hanging around those rivers in Europe, Germany, Italy. While England and Germany also sport some hugh pike - but they wouldn't hold a candle to this Hugh catfish that was suppose to have been caught in Italy.
This is from a foreign catfish angler's website where a man named Lucas Van Der Geest claims to have caught a 6 1/2 foot catfish weighing 187.4 pounds. It was allegedly caught in the Po River in Italy, although I have know way of substantiating this.

(photos sorted by size)
P R A N T D I A, Wels Catfish P.R.A.N.T.D.I.A
Webmaster, I don't think the Redneck.In.Texas is really from Texas (or the US for that matter). I agree that there is a melting pot of stupidity boiling over from Texas, but please don't post those people in hopes of showing a kinder gentler nation.
North Carolina, USA

I made it shorter: P.R.A.N.T.D.I.A
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Dear P.R.A.N.T.D.I.A, Dear all,

First point:
1.a) The aim of our website is to share a passion about wels catfish fishing (nothing else).
1.b) Our website is not commercial.
1.c) Our website is not political.
1.d) We are not anti-americans, anti-texans or anti-whatever. You can check this very easily.
1.e) We don't hope showing that one nation is kinder or gentler than another (and/or otherwise).
1.f) We don't hope showing that one nation is dumber than another (and/or otherwise).

Second point:
2.a) All this mess about TX/US is out of topic.
2.b) It happens that we receive really many hate messages (mainly based on political matters). (Please read points 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F.). I rejected all these messages. Please take a note of this; I have never ever said or written something like "".
2.c) I was not careful enough when I didn't reject the message from REDNECK.IN.TEXAS. Now I do realize that this could offense both americans and non americans. I do apologize.
2.d) I decide to re-read all comments for this photo 713 and I'll moderate all messages I find 'suspect' or 'not correct'.

To all our visitors, where ever you come from, you are all welcome!!!

Best regards,
Markku (webmaster)
Webmaster, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
I have added {moderated} everywhere...
Tight lines,
Markku (webmaster)
El Bastardo Loco, Wels Catfish EL.BASTARDO.LOCO
How common is it to catch a monster like this in the Po. I saw an Amazon cat the size of a station wagon at the Milwakee (Wisconson, USA) zoo when i was ten, which was bigger than the one pictured. I can only imagine what else lies at the bottom of that river!
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Silurus Glanis

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This site presents a collection of photographs and videos of the catfish (lat.: Silurus Glanis) fishing in Europe. The visitors can: submit fishing photos, comment photos or take part in the forum of discussion.