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Photo Nickname Comments
Big Ron, Wels Catfish JUSTIN
its the lock ness monster how did you get that fish in
Big Ron, Wels Catfish TREV
makes my english caught 46lb cat look like a tadpole :->
Big Ron, Wels Catfish JANTIMETAL
A pretty photo, but how much time where they in the stringer ?
A good fisher is an instant releaser too, three or four photos and let them go away please.
Big Ron, Wels Catfish QINTUS
too many pictures for one fish
Big Ron, Wels Catfish BIG.RON
all taken early morning ....and strung up for about 1 hour for the light ....I respect where you are coming from ....Big Ron
Big Ron, Wels Catfish BIG.RON
My first ever cats ... not a bad start ;)
Big Ron, Wels Catfish WEBMASTER
Loch Ness monster is here:

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Silurus Glanis

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