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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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Silure MAX
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Date Photo Comment Nickname  
06-04-2006 2 BRAVO!!! webmaster
04-04-2006 BEASTMASTER, your 3rd photo was already on this website: webmaster
12-03-2006 same photo was submitted last september ? webmaster
22-02-2006 Please do not hold catfish up by their gill covers!!!!! How can you expect a fish to hold its whole body weight with its gills ? How about I hold you up by your ears ?!!!!! catmandan
19-02-2006 tres beau silure et belle photo bravo. philippe. bj de bretagne. lemariol
28-01-2006 hello everyone i am a proud texan and am ashamed of the rude people who have posted comments here love your site and as fisherman we should be passing the love of the sport and respect of others to the future generations bassn1968
09-01-2006 hoping to buy holiday home in bulgaria, can you advise me on cat fishing and fishing liscence needed in bulgaria if any faughs
04-01-2006 to BAC: Our purpose is not to be involved in controversy on the political questions such as appartenence or not Basque Country and Catalonia in Spain. webmaster
30-11-2005 Nic pic, I like your weigh station, fish care is important, a fine example to set. stephen.buss
26-11-2005 Riba-roja is in Catalonia, and Catalonia is not Spain. Please keep this always in mind. bac
12-11-2005 Nice sandy colour stephen.buss
06-11-2005 This photo was the only trophy, no dorsals trimmed, no whiskers cut or taken, no stuffed heads for my wall. I Catch and Release & I sleep in peace. I educate best practice, fish safety and return and would never kill such a creature. stephen.buss
06-11-2005 All fish are returned in the same condition they are photographed. stephen.buss
02-11-2005 I hope nobody catches you and displays you as a trophy helmister
02-11-2005 How could you kill such a beautiful creature???? helmister
11-10-2005 webmaster
11-10-2005 webmaster
18-09-2005 Surprised at the ignorance here. Do your homework and learn about catfish specimens/species much bigger. or Pictures and story of worlds largest catfish: Or just use this google search If it aint Dutch, it aint much. Dag! --From a Utahn ignorance.abound
12-09-2005 Finally the truth. Thank you for posting this site especially with the links to all the other huge catfish. I have been amazed by the site and the look of sheer joy portrayed on all the angler's faces. I believe the world record was recently set by a Mekong giant catfish of 646 lbs or 300kg in Thailand. ucfruggerpinto
20-08-2005 2.30m wels catfish from river EBRO: webmaster
16-08-2005 Guys thats one huge cat, I would have loved to been there to see you two fight that monster in. Good luck in the future with your fishing and dont forget to take a child fishing with you. jar_.fly2003
05-08-2005 looks like a camera trick photagraphy shogun64
26-07-2005 The size conversion system from centimeters to feet was based on Imperial units (UK) only. From now on, we have also the size in FT/US for our visitors from US Foot Survey zone. More info about conversion systen can be found in these pages: webmaster
13-07-2005 That's a big cat. Recently reported was a 295 kgs (yes KGS!) catfish caught in Thailand. Seeing is believing - haven't seen photo yet. Add salt to this unconfirmed report. troutman
05-07-2005 another man-eating catfish: webmaster
22-06-2005 I too am from Texas and agree that we got some BIG cats here, but none that look like that if you know your fish and know the area you know that that cat never came from Texas. I think RED NECK IN TEXAS is a little boy talking all that HONKY on here to make himself look big and bad, giving people the wrong idea of us folks here in Texas. People like him need to GROW UP and be a MAN not a little BOY!!!! By the way guys congrats on your cat he a nice catch!!!! hasrebelpride
21-06-2005 ... the warning was here: webmaster
19-06-2005 I am surprised that this fish is classified as a true mandarin considering that the head and part of the back is normal catfish colouration. Fantastic fish however. I will submit photo of a true mandarin caught yesterday as soon as the photos are processed. andy
12-06-2005 I would not stick my head in there butt
08-06-2005 I have cought 35 inch cat fish be for and thought they were wales ontil I got them up on to shore. I could just not enven begen to think of what kind of fite this cat would put up. That cat ways 45 more ponds than me and I would be a little skidish to get him on my line. buckmaster
02-06-2005 Okay, I am from Texas, and yes, we have big fish down here. There is a possibility that we even have somme that big. That catfish in the picture though, is not a breed from Texas. All the cocky americans who want to argue it need to get over themselves. If you take that much offense to that, go out and try to break the record instead of fighting with someone over it. scaredoffish
01-06-2005 It goes to show that people will steal just about anything. I know someone who "personally knows" these anglers also. I was more than happy to find this site with a copyrighted photo attached. I am not a legal person, but I would think that in order to obtain a copyright you would need the offical photo. If this fish had come out of the Lake Texoma, which my husband fishes as often as possible, the state record would not still be listed as only a 121 lb. blue cat. Compare the size of the two fish in previous links, they are not even close to a 20 lb difference (140 vs 121). Love america, but not too proud of us at the moment. tntgirl
01-06-2005 Whatever, SOUTHERNYANKER. The fish in the pic is clearly not a blue. It's not a channel. It's not a flathead. So, which species of Texas catfish looks identical to the european wels catfish? blazintr33z
30-05-2005 How common is it to catch a monster like this in the Po. I saw an Amazon cat the size of a station wagon at the Milwakee (Wisconson, USA) zoo when i was ten, which was bigger than the one pictured. I can only imagine what else lies at the bottom of that river! el.bastardo.loco
28-05-2005 I have added {moderated} everywhere... Tight lines, Markku (webmaster) webmaster
27-05-2005 Dear P.R.A.N.T.D.I.A, Dear all, First point: 1.a) The aim of our website is to share a passion about wels catfish fishing (nothing else). 1.b) Our website is not commercial. 1.c) Our website is not political. 1.d) We are not anti-americans, anti-texans or anti-whatever. You can check this very easily. 1.e) We don't hope showing that one nation is kinder or gentler than another (and/or otherwise). 1.f) We don't hope showing that one nation is dumber than another (and/or otherwise). Second point: 2.a) All this mess about TX/US is out of topic. 2.b) It happens that we receive really many hate messages (mainly based on political matters). (Please read points 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F.). I rejected all these messages. Please take a note of this; I have never ever said or written something like "". 2.c) I was not careful enough when I didn't reject the message from REDNECK.IN.TEXAS. Now I do realize that this could offense both americans and non americans. I do apologize. 2.d) I decide to re-read all comments for this photo 713 and I'll moderate all messages I find 'suspect' or 'not correct'. To all our visitors, where ever you come from, you are all welcome!!! Best regards, Markku (webmaster) webmaster
27-05-2005 Webmaster, I don't think the Redneck.In.Texas is really from Texas (or the US for that matter). I agree that there is a melting pot of stupidity boiling over from Texas, but please don't post those people in hopes of showing a kinder gentler nation. Cheers, North Carolina, USA WEBMASTER: Your Nickname PEOPLE.REALLY.ARE.NOT.THAT.DUMB.IN.AMERICA was too long. I made it shorter: P.R.A.N.T.D.I.A p.r.a.n.t.d.i.a
27-05-2005 writes: This could be a Euro record. If this isn't a photoshop wonder then its probably a world record dunno, really unsure. Hard to believe this size of fish is hanging around those rivers in Europe, Germany, Italy. While England and Germany also sport some hugh pike - but they wouldn't hold a candle to this Hugh catfish that was suppose to have been caught in Italy. This is from a foreign catfish angler's website where a man named Lucas Van Der Geest claims to have caught a 6 1/2 foot catfish weighing 187.4 pounds. It was allegedly caught in the Po River in Italy, although I have know way of substantiating this. ...> (photos sorted by size) webmaster
27-05-2005 To Redneck.In.Texas Are you sure you're from The States? You don't write like you are. To my American eyes your writing looks more like someone trying to "sound" American. That, or you have completly forgot everything your English teachers ever taught you. BTW, how did you catch from 3 cats? Pole or noodlein'? shebeeinks
27-05-2005 I apologize for my own ignorance. I am intolorant of stupidity, but have had time to get over it by now. I will refrain from lashing out in the future. el.bastardo.loco
26-05-2005 to REDNECK.IN.TEXAS and EL.BASTARDO.LOCO: - The lack of Q.I. of some commentators does not bother me much. - The comment of REDNECK.IN.TEXAS is one of the "nicest" what we have received from "Bad Boys of Texas". - The URL of this website ends by ".fr", and it's enough to wake up arrogance (overbearing pride) for some visitors (mainly from TX/USA). - As I wrote before, there are hundreds of websites for "I hate frenchies" people (and for this time I accepted the message from REDNECK.IN.TEXAS instead of rejecting it). - BTW, I'm not french (I can show my passport) and I don't hate anybody because of his/hers national background, and I have nothing against our "kind" ignorant rednecks. - From now on, I'll be more careful and I'll reject all suspect messages... Best regards to all! webmaster
26-05-2005 There is nothing more ignorant than a jealous redneck. First off....he is from Holland, not France. Second, it is perfectly clear it isn't a fake pic. Third, I do believe that REDNECK.IN.TEXAS has a serious {moderated} problem (you know what I mean by this), as with a few others on here. Do you speak the same as you type, Mr. REDNECK.IN.TEXAS? {moderated} el.bastardo.loco
26-05-2005 Why does that link about the Fish in Miss. say "World Record"? It is not as big as the one on this page, right? primetimerg
26-05-2005 20 years old webmaster
26-05-2005 Hello and grats on the nice fish. I was wondering on what the age might be for a cat that size? joman
25-05-2005 Theres a new United States Catfish record.. It was caught in Illinios in the Mississippi River.. Heres a link to the article.. jeff.from.georgia
16-05-2005 nice one grandad dax raz
09-05-2005 Loch Ness monster is here: webmaster
09-05-2005 That is one massive catfish! seth
09-05-2005 Hi just to let everybody know there is fish that large here in the United States. But that large of fish hangs mostly around close to the damns and eat the small quality of smaller fish. As divers who check the drain by the damn have actaully seen them. They have been spotted in the damns by the Arizona lakes. So if anybody thinks these large fish ae fake. You are in la - la land. Wake up. This is a proven true fact.. REX arizona.fisherman

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