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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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m.tarragnat September 24th, 2005: the biggest of the day, Fabrice in fight with 183cm (soft lure in vertical line).
m.tarragnat September 24th, 2005, wels catfish from Lyons of the Rhône river, 143cm, caught with soft lure in vertical line by Fabrice Neri.
m.tarragnat Echosounder in action.
catfish.saone This picture is not "pimpt" by a photoprogramm! The picture was taken with a Canon EOS 3000N Camera!
claude.66 My personal best caught in Tarn river.
catfish.saone This was the winnerfish at the "Ländercup" in Italy 2005! Sebastien (alias Machoiran67) does not hesitate to put himself in the water for releasing his fish in spite of the morning coolness. First meeting for Machoiran67 with a wels catfish of 1,54m. This fish is a big moment for him and for us too. Bravo. Silurus Glanis Team. Some photos of the fishing trip of the Silurus Glanis Team in the Camargue. Fishing raid in Camargue of the Team Silurus Glanis, with the biggest fish of the weekend (18 catfish and a very big pikeperch). Thousands of mosquitoes and lot of fun.
lolo82 1.85 and 2.10 caught with XXXL size live baits ...
pechouille Drifting from the bank
mauricio82 175cm
mauricio82 175cm & 150cm
theo Samo caught already 843 sheatfish so far, that we would weigh around 3.2 tones commonly.
bruno.brennsteiner Bruno with Mandarin 2,35m 73kg and Jason with 2,40m 180lbs. What a great day.
bruno.brennsteiner Uli had 8 Fish on this day. That was the biggest.
bruno.brennsteiner Rolands yellow Fish on the Lure!
bruno.brennsteiner Denis with his personal best.
bruno.brennsteiner Monster Cat caught by Daniel Parker.
bruno.brennsteiner Ebro Monster caught by Martina.
ludo 17.09.05 the wind was blowing so hard that the fishing was complicated, but this catch gave the smile to my brother.
ludo Albino present in Seille river !!! 1m22 for largest (thank you Pico and Lucas) - the small one was caught by my brother while fishing live baits. The 2 fish turned back into the river after photo souvenir.
philippe.s. Here is a well deserved fish which comes to be added in your record list. 1,39m.... almost as large as you.
philippe.s. To lift this one from the water was not easy. Indeed, at once it taken the livebait, it was going to take refuge in an immersed tree. With my friend Charly, we took the boat and... here is the result.
philippe.s. First exit in Seille River for my friend Charly who, following the result, promised to me to return very soon. 1,39m and 1,85m with the buoy system.
silurman 77 wels catfish within 1 week. Thank you again to JC Tanzilli (visit the web site
alain 45 minutes of combat using a reel of 20 year old.
ludo 04-SEP-2005 Yoann and "the big moustache"!
ludo 04-SEP-2005 Yoann and David
jakub.vagner Fish of 238cm from the rivre Po.
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Silurus Glanis
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