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11-05-2004  GAETANO.BORGHI ID:782
The 100kg clock didn't go any further, so it must be over 100 kg.
This giant one was caught it in the river Po on "a mort manie" rod.
The fight took 3 hours!
Gaetano Borghi, Wels Catfish
Species Size Weight Year Place Method
Wels Catfish  257 cm
7.83 feet/UK
8.43 feet/US 
220.5 lbs 
2004  Fiume Po (Fleuve Po), ITA  Mort Manié - Dead Fish Bait 
PHOTO: Copyright © Gaetano Borghi   This photo has been loaded 57741 times

Date  Nickname  Comments 
11-05-2004 LUCAS.VAN.DER.GEEST Bingo voor Gaetano Borghi: 257 centimeter !!!
11-05-2004 JAKUB.VAGNER Gaetano, no coment!
Very, very and one more time very nice fish.
Congratulations to you!
13-05-2004 STEVIE.D what a fantastic fish congratulions
31-05-2004 DODGEYROG.AND.WOO Well done! Please can you tell me if there are any organised trips to the area that this superb fish was caught from. Thanks
08-06-2004 WILL Absolutely fantastic! It amazes me what lies at the depths of earths waters.
08-06-2004 STONEY.AND.GIRLFRIEND.RUTHY Gee guys!! That's stupid BIG!!!!
What kind of line (strength) did you use? Where in ITALY???
13-06-2004 COURTZ that sure aint no kitten!
28-02-2005 SOCHASIRE A truly stunning achievement Gaetano. My father was an avid and excellent fisherman and in his travels with the US Navy had travelled and fished in many countries. I'm sure he would have been deeply impressed. I know it takes more than just luck to land the big ones. Excellent job. Was your Wels a Catch-and-Release? BTW, I and many fellow yanks DO know where Italy and the Po River are. I apologize for my country-man.
28-02-2005 WEBMASTER to all country-men of SOCHASIRE:
05-08-2005 SHOGUN64 looks like a camera trick photagraphy
27-11-2007 KRASSI Very very good fish, congratulations!!!
06-02-2011 JAKE.THE.SNAKE Top angling, top result, well done.
The Ebro is fantastic but the Po maybe calling for a nice change.
Any advice on good areas to do some ground work?
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