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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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olivier My first big catfish of the Petit Rhone: 1 meter 95.
olivier 1 meter 75 silurif of the Rhone river caught with Flying Spoon.
olivier Two silurids caught with Flying Spoon:
175 cm for JF and 180cm for myself.
olivier 1 meter 75 silurid of the Petit Rhone.
olivier 1 meter 75 silurid caught with Flying Spoon in the Rhone river.
olivier Silurid of the Petit Rhone (1 meter 65).
olivier Silurid of the Petit Rhone victim of a bouquet of worms.
olivier 1 meter 65 caught with worms.
olivier My first in the Saone river.
olivier JF's first catfish of the Saone: 1 meter 30.
olivier My first silurid of the Petit Rhone, 1 meter 30.
olivier My first albinos (110cm) caught on the Rhone river.
olivier An albinos silurid 185cm caught by JF on the Rhone river.
olivier An albinos silurus hooked 3 meters under the boat.
olivier An albinos silurid caught by my brother on the Rhone river.
olivier The very firts albinos for JF. Caught on the Petit Rhône. Catfish of Mequinenza . It can happen: a beautiful morning and a beautiful silurid pricks in the hearings, died therefore of hemorrhage before photo. Sad remind fos us to pay attention. For me a big catfish. Thierry. Guy and his record to read on: "" report around the world.
With Guy it is never sad.
A model of endurance to the pain.
Not true my father? So, what? Just watch!! Thierry... A nice look, and a Hollywood smile, but a really smashing machine to make a 2 lbs carp look like a sole. A bad position for the fish, but a very, very hard fight thank to my rod: uptide power lift 9'6,2/8oz from Daiwa; in england you have a good chance to find. Very beautiful colors in an extraordinary biotop. As Olivier says, pay attention to the flukes. A small grandfather who came up to taste the temperature of this beautiful evening. It's a pity that its very gluey business card is always on my tee shirt. The history of this silurid can be read on "" (journey around the world) and it is not sad. "Just ask Claude." An unforgettable fight hey! hey! Under Claude's direction, I did ask him the question "can I pull ?". Yeah, go my p'tit boy... Well, three minutes later the silurid met the dry. It was one of the rods left alone by one of our pals from Switzerland. I din't want to let the fishhook steel in the muzzle of a fish. Jef and his all first silurid. We return to Mequinenza in June 2002. Jef hopes to be able to bring more of beautiful photos. This one was aggressive when turning back to the water. Franck and his capricious catfish. 4 attacks before being pricked.
xavier The last day of our stay in Mequinenza.
(following the photos 77,70 and 60)

April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
xavier A catfish of 2 meters quite yellow.
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza One very strong 15 minutes fight, where my adrenaline was pumping in my blood, thank's to my friend and wonderfull guide Claude Vallette "(la branche)". Good season for every one, and please take care of the fish. This catfish was one out of 80 fish where 15 was more than 2 meters. Look at my friends website, where you can see wonderfull fishing photos all around the world, and it's free.

CONTACT: for fishing and speaking, in Danmark, Sweden, Russia, Ukraina, Italia, Spain, France, Rumania, Canaries Island, phone/fax ++45 3966 0914
friendly regards Thierry
xavier Cathishes caught with Lionel.
xavier A beautiful fishing day in a drift with Dominique Macri.
August 2000 - The Rhone - Vienne (38)
xavier A 1,66 meter wels catfish caught with Sylvain Garcia.
June 2000 - The Saone
xavier August 2000 - The Rhone - Lyons
The first catfish for Rico caught in a canal of The Rhone river.
xavier A wels catfish of 2,00 meters long caught by Lionel with tandem-twist.
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
xavier It's the same catfish than in the photos 60 and 70.
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
yuri.grisendi.(gsi) The same fish of the picture n°71 entirely photographed.
yuri.grisendi.(gsi) This is a picture of a 220 cm Wels, captured (and released after the photo memory) in October 2001 on the river Po in Italy. Bait eel with buoy system.
xavier It's the same catfish than in the photo 60.
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
xavier The biggest catfishes of one fishing night: 170cm 200cm and 222cm.
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
xavier Fishing in drift on the Rhone in Vienna.
This silurid was the next-to-last of a set of 5.
August 2000 - The Rhone - Vienne (38)
xavier The biggest catfish of Lionel: 222cm.
Claude came to picture with us.
(Same catfish than in photo 42)
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
le.facteur A splendid silure captures in Sègre with Mequinenza with the guide of fishing Marc Dupuis (on the left).
yuri.grisendi.(gsi) Beautiful Wels of 2,14 meters captured in Flerville in the North of Macon in the Saone.
claude.valette Again a beautiful "pèpère" for my friend René Weber of Berlin, who doesn't hesitate to make the displacement every year to face the Spanish catfish.
That one came "to reward" us, hardly 2 hours after our arrival on the station.
claude.valette Here is a style of photograph which " pays of mine ".
The fish does not need to be in entirety on a photograph to be emphasized.
It is seen that it is " a large truth ".
xavier My biggest wels catfish since 10 year of catfishing in France.
April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
olivier A big "pépére" of the Small Rhone that succumbed to a roach handled of 10 cm!....
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