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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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adam.shannon 154lbs Catfish caught while fishing with Gary of on the lower Ebro in July 2002.
jakub.vagner It was my last fish before arriving. Beautiful 80% albino.
thierry.christiaens Catfish with antenna. Last photo before release.
olive.flpp Goodbye & release.
olive.flpp My very first catfish of The Seine river.
jorge.gomez.martinez My fishing pal Emilio with a nice "cat" fat like a balloon. It was caught with a crankbait in Mequinenza.
jorge.gomez.martinez A mammouth cat I caught from the Ebro waters with light tackle and a crankbait.
jakub.vagner Message for Xavier: My friend, strike of this fish was so hard, that my finger was almost gone!
jerome.brise A 70kg catfish caught in the Seille river last june. A very great moment.
carpistiextremisti Silure fished in Po river. The weight is for approximation 60 kg for 190 cm. Fished in August with an eel. [URL1]
simon 204cm wels catfish caught in the Loire river with a soft lure in 1 meter of water and after 20 minutes fight. 45 minutes of fight ...
bibir 65Kg (~143lbs) catfish from Mequinenza. A 2.20 meters catfish caught with a fish tail in a carp hook (with normal size nylon).
jakub.vagner We had just one fish before reproducing. You can see the body, it´s more masiv than the others.
claude.valette Some nice photographs from Spain!
max Silure of 70cm taken with live bait by Yo. Thank you for this beautiful morning.
xavier The result of our fishing with Yuri Grisendi in the Pô river, 4 catfishes: 220 cm, 186 cm, 176 cm and 150 cm. The weight of the biggest one was 74 kg.
xavier A 2.20 meter catfish caught by Yuri Grisendi. Notice the very large head of this catfish.
xavier Last picture before the release back into the Rhône river ...
jakub.vagner Little smile for camera...
xavier A huge catfish of Lyon caught in the Rhône river (in south of Lyon).
xavier Two big grandpas of Mequinenza. Sizes: 194cm and 185cm.
xavier Mehdi with his first "handsome" catfish in Mequinenza.
xavier Mehdi and me with three big catfishes caught in the end of our stay in Mequinenza ( may 2002 ) . The sizes are : 210 cm, 193 cm and 165 cm.
loupenz My record catfish during our stay in Mequinenza in may 2002. Joaquim from Sweden fishing with Gary (ebro man). Weight 48 kilos. Lenght 2.00 mts. Fish was caught on eel from outside the house in the day. Adam Shannon with the new lower Ebro record catfish (2.20 meters - 154lbs), caught in july 2002 with, an established professional guide for catfishing on the Ebro river.
olivier Albinos of 1.80 meters making surface.
olivier An albinos catfish of 1.80 meters caught in the Rhone river.
xavier ... The first of this fishing afternoon was 1.40 meters.
philippe.s. He dreamed about it ... and he did it. Yes, he kissed the fish. But no problem, Madam is not jealous!!!
xavier Fight on the river Saône in Lyon. See the previous picture n° 300. NB. Thank you to G.S.I. for the T-shirt :-)
jakub.vagner Second biggest catfish during our amasing night. Weight of this fish was very low, it was just after reproduction.
andrea.pomati.(gsi) Big moustache from Delta of Rhône.
jakub.vagner A few minutes with fish after very hard night... We had 14 strikes in one night!
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