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   Photos of BOOT (1/1)    
16-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1925
  Pike from Saint Michel (Finistère, FRA). Boot, Pike
16-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1926
  from Blavet (Morbihan, FRA). Boot
16-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1927
  from Blavet (Morbihan, FRA). Boot
22-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1896
  Wels Catfish from Cher (Indre Et Loire, FRA). Boot, Wels Catfish
22-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1897
  Zander from Guerledan (Cote D'Armor, FRA). Boot, Zander
22-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1898
  Pike from Etang Pont Labbé (Finistère, FRA). Boot, Pike
25-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1953
  from Loire (Indre Et Loire, FRA). Boot
25-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1955
  from Loire (Indre Et Loire, FRA). Boot
25-08-2006  BOOT ID: 1952
  First danube catfish for Julien. Boot, Wels Catfish
01-09-2006  BOOT ID: 1971
  from St-Michel (Finistère, FRA). Boot
05-10-2006  BOOT ID: 2076
  Carp from Vienne (Indre Et Loire, FRA). Boot, Carp
01-04-2007  BOOT ID: 2331
  Wels Catfish from Loire (Indre Et Loire, FRA). Boot, Wels Catfish
05-07-2007  BOOT ID: 2566
  Black Bass from Canal De Nantes à Brest (Loire Atlantique 44, FRA). Boot, Black Bass
19-10-2007  BOOT ID: 2784
  from Indre (Indre Et Loire, FRA). Boot
10-01-2008  BOOT ID: 2909
  from Cher (FRA). Boot
23-01-2008  BOOT ID: 2922
  Wels Catfish from Cher (FRA). Boot, Wels Catfish
29-06-2009  BOOT ID: 3572
  Wels Catfish from Vilaine (Morbihan, FRA). Boot, Wels Catfish

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This site presents a collection of photographs and videos of the catfish (lat.: Silurus Glanis) fishing in Europe. The visitors can: submit fishing photos, comment photos or take part in the forum of discussion.