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   Photos of ERIK.ZBINOVSKY (1/1)    
17-01-2004  ERIK.ZBINOVSKY ID: 733
  My first huge wels from Domasha lake (Slovakia).
Size: 224cm
Weight: 81kg
Erik Zbinovsky, Wels Catfish
17-01-2004  ERIK.ZBINOVSKY ID: 734
  Second huge wels from Domasha lake (Slovakia).
Size: 235cm
Weight: 97kg
Erik Zbinovsky, Wels Catfish
21-02-2007  ERIK.ZBINOVSKY ID: 2280
  This Catfish catched my old friend Jaro Samalik in October 1965. Erik Zbinovsky, Wels Catfish
21-02-2007  ERIK.ZBINOVSKY ID: 2282
  This wels was catched by my friend Zoro Vojnikov in 80th years when he dried his local lake. Erik Zbinovsky, Wels Catfish
28-05-2008  ERIK.ZBINOVSKY ID: 3079
  On this three days long trip we catched 23 wels on the clonck. Beautifull Turkya! Erik Zbinovsky, Wels Catfish

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