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   Photos of GARY.THE.GUIDE (1/1)    
06-09-2002  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 307
  Adam Shannon with the new lower Ebro record catfish (2.20 meters - 154lbs), caught in july 2002 with, an established professional guide for catfishing on the Ebro river. Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
07-09-2002  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 308
  Joaquim from Sweden fishing with Gary (ebro man). Weight 48 kilos. Lenght 2.00 mts. Fish was caught on eel from outside the house in the day. Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
24-04-2003  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 555
  The new lower Ebro record wels 167.00lbs caught by John Webb on the left of pic and Gary The Guide with him. Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
15-11-2004  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 886
  a small photo of a big fish ... Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
06-12-2005  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 1405
  Paul White with a monster caught on live bait from a snaggy area on the delta region of the lower Ebro. With guide Gary Sheridan. Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
16-12-2005  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 1400
  Tony Armer fishing with Gary Sheridan on the Lower Ebro. Agine guided this superb wels catfish of 142.00lbs along with several more fish. Tony had fish of 142lbs 140.00lbs 135.00lbs 128.00lbs 110.00lbs 96.00lbs 85.00lbs and some smaller catfish also carp to 10 20lbs +.
Tony has fished on the Lower Ebro Several times with Gary and he said he has never blanked the worst session ever was four fish to 120.00lbs not bad considering the weather was terrible.
Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
15-01-2006  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 1428
  adam shannon this picture is of a massive fish over 2.50mts long but only weighs 154.00lbs some people go by lenght to get there weights for fish and this can be very misleading for other peoples captures when adam caught this fish we recond that it must have weighed in at 180lbs but after two trials of weighing this fish its final weight was 154.00lbs Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
14-11-2006  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 2146
  lower ebro albino record 126lbs caught in september this year 2006 his 40th birthday Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish
30-03-2008  GARY.THE.GUIDE ID: 2964
  150 lbs caught with guide gary sheridan. river ebro spain caspe top lake. Gary The Guide, Wels Catfish

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