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   Photos of MICHEL.31 (1/1)    
13-12-2002  MICHEL.31 ID: 403
  My wife Dominique caught her catfish (caught with no help).
13-12-2002  MICHEL.31 ID: 404
  Catfishing in a float tub.
Big sensations guaranteed.
Michel 31, Wels Catfish
21-12-2002  MICHEL.31 ID: 405
  Catfish from Spain (august 2002). Michel 31, Wels Catfish
22-12-2002  MICHEL.31 ID: 413
  The very first wels catfish of Norbert.
August 2000 in Spain.
Michel 31, Wels Catfish
22-12-2002  MICHEL.31 ID: 414
  Guillaume's first catfish from Spain. Michel 31, Wels Catfish
11-11-2004  MICHEL.31 ID: 871
  October 23 on Ebre. This beautiful fish was caught by Edouard. Pretty reward for team work, Pierre on the clonck and Michel with the orders. Michel 31, Wels Catfish
22-11-2004  MICHEL.31 ID: 892
  My first carp of 10 kg Michel 31, Carp
07-05-2005  MICHEL.31 ID: 1055
  Wels Catfish from Rio Ebro (ESP). Michel 31, Wels Catfish
05-09-2005  MICHEL.31 ID: 361
  Superb fish of 2m20 caught in Spain and fought in float tube by our "pescayre catala" Jeannot during nearly 40 mn. A team work rewarded well where everyone took an active part in this capture:
- Marion and Bernard for the photographs and videos
- Benjamin for the hooking and the releasing
- Jeannot for the combat in float tube! For my part: clonck, navigation and handing-over with water.

It should be noted that the handing-over with water took a bone to us score of minutes seen the intensity and the duration of the combat. It was "PURE HAPPINESS". The video of this great moment is in the video section of this website or directly on my personal web site:
Michel 31, Wels Catfish
05-09-2005  MICHEL.31 ID: 367
  Wels catfish of 1m90 approximately taken with "bouillette 20 mm" (bird
Michel 31, Wels Catfish
17-04-2006  MICHEL.31 ID: 1568
  With his rod for trout "Verdon 280", Pierre managed the exploit to catch this silurid of 1m85 after a fight of 40 mn.
The video of this fight is on my web site
Michel 31, Wels Catfish

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