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13-02-2004  SEB.49 ID: 746
  My first big wels catfish, caught in the river Loire (october 15, 2003).
Unforgettable memories, in the most wild river of France where the currents make the combat even more palpitating!
Seb 49, Wels Catfish
14-02-2004  SEB.49 ID: 747
  Pretty a carp mirror, hung by the tail whereas I sought pike with the flexible Lure in a pond. After a sharp fright, a long combat and the photo, it turned back in its element... Seb 49, Carp
21-02-2005  SEB.49 ID: 976
  My Stef pal, not little to trust of this catch, and there is what, a beautiful Pike taken in the Loire, under always difficult conditions. Where besides, the carnivores were done a little rare there in this end of the year 2004... Seb 49, Pike
27-05-2005  SEB.49 ID: 1088
  What a beautiful combat delivered this fish to me! After me to be made hung the day before, by a large specimen which was perhaps this one besides, whereas I the pike perch, I fished decide to return the following day to track silure... that did not miss! It is when I saw it going up the Loire as a boat which I included/understood that it was a fish of a size except standard and that I was perhaps going to beat my preceding record (1.69m)... Seb 49, Wels Catfish
03-07-2005  SEB.49 ID: 1157
  This is the first silure which I take again following one calmer period which was to correspond to the moment of their reproduction.
It is my second larger fish this season, always on the same sector.
Seb 49, Wels Catfish
30-11-2005  SEB.49 ID: 1399
  The last wels catfish of my season 2005, on September 1st, on the material voluntarily relieved to allow me one more comfortable prospecting from the edge, red Beast Master 2.70m 50-100gr, reel Daiwa Samurai 7i, and plait of 25/100th...
That was worth to me a good and long fight with this fish!
Seb 49, Wels Catfish
30-11-2005  SEB.49 ID: 1401
  from Loire (Maine Et Loire, FRA). Seb 49
30-11-2005  SEB.49 ID: 1403
  Zander from Loire (Maine Et Loire, FRA). Seb 49, Zander
30-11-2005  SEB.49 ID: 1404
  Zander from Loire (Maine Et Loire, FRA). Seb 49, Zander
20-02-2006  SEB.49 ID: 1489
  Wels Catfish from Loire (FRA). Seb 49, Wels Catfish

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