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   Photos of ULLI04 (1/1)    
17-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1570
  Carp from Rio Segre (ESP). Ulli04, Carp
18-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1563
  Carp from Lake (Minden, GER). Ulli04, Carp
18-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1583
  Wels Catfish from Rio Ebro (Mequinenza, ESP). Ulli04, Wels Catfish
18-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1584
  Carp from Rio Ebro (Mequinenza, ESP). Ulli04, Carp
18-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1585
  Caught with carp rod! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
18-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1586
  Nice picture from one of my favourite lakes... Ulli04
18-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1587
  Carp from Lake (Bielefeld, GER). Ulli04, Carp
21-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1574
  Carp from River Rhein (Hessen, GER). Ulli04, Carp
21-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1575
  Carp from Twente Kanal (Hengelo, NED). Ulli04, Carp
21-04-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1578
  Very nice carp - Fully Scale! Ulli04, Carp
06-08-2006  ULLI04 ID: 1905
  Catfish from a german river, caught with spinrod! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
30-09-2006  ULLI04 ID: 2066
  My first Catfish Trip in France! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
30-09-2006  ULLI04 ID: 2067
  A nice Catfish from a french river! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
30-09-2006  ULLI04 ID: 2068
  One of the most beautiful river I've ever fished: River Lot (France)! A wonderful little catfish from this famous river... lovely! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
30-09-2006  ULLI04 ID: 2069
  A moment in your live, you'll never forget! 101,50 kg massive Catfish from Spain. We caught the Catfish in the night at 11.30 and just weigh the fish 8 hours later after catch. So we don't know the real weight after catch... We only know, that he lost any kg... Ulli04, Wels Catfish
23-11-2006  ULLI04 ID: 2159
  Carp. Ulli04, Carp
23-11-2006  ULLI04 ID: 2160
  This is a reason for fishing on river Lot! Ulli04, Carp
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2578
  Winterfishing at Lac de St. Cassien! Ulli04, Carp
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2594
  Another wonderful winter mirror from lac Cassien. Ulli04, Carp
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2598
  A nice common carp with a giantly mouth. I caught this one with huge boilies and I think it`s possible for him to eat 50 er boilies. But that`s the reason for his proud weigh?! Ulli04, Carp
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2605
  In 2007 I caught my first carp about over 25 kg. I am fishing for carp since 1989 with a 4 years break. I saw the fish first near the bank and instinctively I knew that is a very big one. I was very happy about this catch. A dream comes true, 25,4 kg mirror carp! Ulli04, Carp
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2608
  A nice little catfish from magic cassien. It was my first catfish from a lake, I`ve never fished for catfish into a lake before. I was very happy for this catch, because it was a premiere. It`s not only the weigh and the length decisive of make fisherman happy! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2620
  If you caught one and celebrate a premiere you`re hungry to catch more. Even now I remember me gladly at the morning I caught the second one. The live bait was a little bit larger and the catfish also. But after the second catch I concentrate for fishing for carp, because there are so wonderful mirrors in! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2628
  My friend Werner with his first ebro catfish, caught in deep spain winter. Water temperatur was only 7°. We caught a lot of carps and few catfish. In my opinion an excellently picture, how werner is devoutly looking to the released catfish! Ulli04, Wels Catfish
04-08-2007  ULLI04 ID: 2629
  Every evening at the bank a gorgeous moment, see the sun goes down. We sit relaxed in the chair, having dinner and are waiting for a bite! Ulli04

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