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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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loupenz My first fish of my summer vacations in Lyons.
xavier Our first 2 meters.
xavier Marked Wels Catfish (4/4): This 163cm long catfish has blue markings (tattoo) under its fins. It is a "pilot" catfish which had been marked by Jean-Claude T. few years before. From left to right: Lionel L - Joel P. - Jean-Claude T - Xavier V. (following the photos n15, n16 and n17)
xavier Marked Wels Catfish (3/4): It makes 163cm and possess blue markings (tattooed) under its flukes. (following the photos n15 and n16)
xavier Marked Wels Catfish (2/4): The silurid is seized firmly. (following the photo n15)
xavier Marked Wels Catfish (1/4): It's very well hooked ...
xavier Beginning of the season 1999 in the Saone in rise of the water level. The stomac contained: 2 breams of 300g + catfish + "mole" + paper Bounty packing.
xavier Our record of the year 1999 (3/3): Our biggest capture 2,10 meters (1 hours 30 minutes to hoist it in the boat). (following the photos n11 and n12)
xavier Our record of the year 1999 (2/3): And here is one more photo ... we used all the film of 24 exposures ! (following the photo n11)
xavier Our record of the year 1999 (1/3): Fished in a sector which was the theatre of first big captures in Lyons in the beginning of the Eighties.
loupenz My biggest hold of the year 1999 with photo. I put a small quarter of hour to take it.
loupenz Silurid caught with a half of rotengle.
xavier The biggest of a set of 6 result of one morning of fishing on a sector of the Rhone that was at the time nearly virgin.
xavier This silurid, taken by Lionel, marked the beginning of big more regular captures.
xavier Two fishing boats, two pretty silurids touched, only one caught.
xavier A last photo for souvenir, and the silurid returned some seconds later in its own natural element. (following the photos n2 and n3)
xavier My first big silurid caught in a evening storm. (following the photo n2)
xavier In the fire of the action...
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