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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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philippe.s. Yes, it is beautiful! (I speak about the catfish of course). Short fifteen minutes of fight and it was in the boat. As Xavier hooked it up and I made the rest, this is a common fish and shared happiness.
mike Mike with an 84lb Albino Catfish, Ebro River, Spain
xavier Huge wels catfish from the river Po with Franck.
xavier Huge wels catfish from the river Po with Yuri.
lorenzo My very first caught, helped well by Xavier. In spite of a not very lenient weather, three catfish for this testing day, of which this one in all end of day and two catfish for Giorgio.
silurman Certainly one of the oldest wels catfish photo found on the internet.
alberto Wels catfish attached to a cord after the capture. This catfish was released after the photo souvenir.
alberto A small one ... 215cm|6.55ft 65Kg|143.3lbs
jorge.gomez.martinez A monster "cat" I caugh with a crankbait casting shallow water.
carpymick From the Ebro in january 2004 45lbs on the method whilst carp fishing the cat hit the method as it hit the water.
seb.49 My first big wels catfish, caught in the river Loire (october 15, 2003). Unforgettable memories, in the most wild river of France where the currents make the combat even more palpitating!
lucas.van.der.geest My personal best and caught on a live eel. It's very fat and had quite a number of bite marks from other catfish! The length was 215 cm (6.55 ft) and the weight was 85 kg (187.4 lbs). The photo was taken by Yuri Grisendi who helped me also to weight the fish.
jakub.vagner Just before I release you...
jakub.vagner Afternoon surprise...
jakub.vagner Not so big, but good one in winter time. This fish is 220cm 78kgs from river Po. October 2003
erik.zbinovsky Second huge wels from Domasha lake (Slovakia). Size: 235cm Weight: 97kg
erik.zbinovsky My first huge wels from Domasha lake (Slovakia). Size: 224cm Weight: 81kg
jakub.vagner Have a look on the sky !
jakub.vagner Beautiful fish and fight on river PO.
jakub.vagner A very dangerous moment !
jakub.vagner Nice river fish from Czech republic.
thierry.christiaens I thought that you can't catch wels catfish in winter time!!! (22th of december 2003)
stevie.d The result of 15 minutes fishing - a 14kg and a 12.3kg carp for steve and a 16 kg cat for jan. November 2003 carp trip. Weight: 14kg, 12.3kg carp 16kg cat
xavier.t. I was not able to raise the monster and the image is not so beautiful. That was my more beautiful birthday gift and two days which will remain engraved forever in my mind. Thanks to Pa and Michel.
xavier.t. I wanted to show a beautiful photograph of which I am proud and to make share my joy. That which on the photograph (710) is done nevertheless more than two meters also, but less large.
xavier.t. My very first wels catfish. I wanted to make you share my best memory of fishing. Ca it passed at the end of October to Amposta on The Rio Ebre (Spain) with Mr. Godbille who after having been my fishing guide became my friend. It must say that I have been waiting this day since Iím able to fish. When I was only 5 years old my father promised to take me with him for my 16th birthday. After long years the day finally arrived. The weather was not so nice. Michel took me along on his favourite corners. We started at 8 am. At midday, still nothing. I started to say that we have made all these km for nothing. At 4 pm, dad and Michel started to have doubts. But at 4:30 pm: BANG! I had the impression to have caught a cow. It was very heavy: 210cm and more than 70kg.
stevie.d Mequinenza, River Ebro, 15 November 2003: After a very hard 45 minute fight Jan deserved to land this 128lb/58kg cat caught on carp tackle with 12lb/5,5kg line!! Is this a Ladies record for a cat caught on carp tackle?
jakub.vagner One very good evening! 198, 210 and 218 cm.
jakub.vagner Perfect fishing in Bulgaria!
jakub.vagner This is my love!
jakub.vagner Good one from Ebro!
jakub.vagner BIG ONE from EBRO!
jakub.vagner BIG ONE from Czech Republic!
domi.le.rital Rainy day fishing in the very center of Lyons...
domi.le.rital Young wels catfish in the centre town of Lyons.
domi.le.rital Young wels catfish in the centre town of Lyons.
olivier Catfish from the Seine river (Paris, France)
xavier.bresciani 193cm - october - live bait
alberto Beautiful caught ...
alberto Wels catfish caught in september 2003 in the river Ebro (Escatron).
alberto Wels catfish caught in september 2003 in the river Ebro (Escatron).
alberto Wels catfish caught in september 2003 in the river Ebro (Escatron).
doug ... and all the 3 while fishing carps. Line 30 and hook 4. The sizes are: 200cm, 175cm and 150cm.
frederic.p. I caught this wels catfish in the Liege area in Belgium with my brother Dave.
alberto A big one from the Ebro river.
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