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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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claude.valette Some nice photographs from Spain!
claude.valette Some nice photographs from Spain!
piero.lombardi.(gsi) Beautiful fishing in snow, on PO river in Italy.
piero.lombardi.(gsi) Beautiful fishing in snow, on Pô in Italy.
7 silures for Piero Lombardi (GSI) and Carlo Tarenzi on a winter gathering.
piero.lombardi.(gsi) Fished in one day cold and winter, on PO piver in Italy.
rabbit The biggest fish of our trip weighed in at 143lbs. - Wish we had met Mark Nuttall from Catfish Concept earlier in our holiday!!!
rabbit Ron and Nigel grapple with this catfish weighing well over 100lbs. Help provided by John from Catmasters and Mark Nuttall from Catfish Concept.
rabbit Ron wades into the water to release this huge catfish. After several unguided and fishless days we received assistance from Mark Nuttall, Catfish Concepts.
nige Nigel's biggest catfish to date, caught with less than 1 hour of his fishing holiday left. Guided by Mark Nuttall, Catfish Concept.
dave.bilbo.stevenson Dave and buddy Ron with our first 'proper' Spanish catfish. Guiding courtesy of Mark Nuttall, Catfish Concepts.
dave.bilbo.stevenson Looking at the size of this fish compared to myself it seems impossible to believe it weighed 'only' 79lbs.
gregory.cottet Beautiful fish of the Saone (217cm weight approx. 70kg) taken from the river bank with the flexible lure.
Photograph before releasing back to water (with my brother and a buddy).
biscarrosse Siluro (wels catfish) from Escatrón.
biscarrosse Siluro de Escatrón pescado des de orilla.
biscarrosse Siluro (wels catfish) from Escatrón.
biscarrosse (Dos siluro de Escatrón.)
Two Siluros (wels catfish) from Escatrón.
biscarrosse Siluro (wels catfish) from Escatrón.
biscarrosse Siluro (wels catfish) from Escatrón.
biscarrosse Wels of Escatrón (Ebro river, Spain).
stevie.d Bruno Brensteiner (r) and Mark Nutall (l) Catfish Concept guide with the current record caught with a LURE 2.37m 77kg 170 lbs!!
stevie.d Chris and Mark in the water with the magnificent record catch 2.36m 89kg 196lbs!
stevie.d Chris Hall and the current Spanish record caught April 2004 of 196lbs/89kg 2.36m with guide Mark Nuttall!
stevie.d Steve getting some help in lifting the 153 2.24 catfish from Mark Nuttall, friend and guide for Catfish Concept.
stevie.d Steve and his 2.24 153lb catfish caught on a carp rod after an hour fight in the boat, using the dreaded pellets!!
tom Caught on the drift (John & Ron).
simon.horton Still more pleasure and cold: 2,20m in full current, red buoy against the edge.
simon.horton One 217 for the pleasure taken with 150m of the edge.
claude.valette Beautiful fishing with Jurgen: a carp and a silure!
morgan.69 Here a silure fished this summer, it is turned over to water directly after the photo!
mauricio82 Dato che non avevamo la macchina fotografica a portata di mano non abbiamo fatto la foto nel luogo dove l'abbiamo pescato. Il siluro č poi stato rilasciato.
charles91 Catfish of 147cm caught in the Seine river near Paris.
andy.ebro.valley.angling A 148.lber for Dave Dennis fishing with Heiko.
andy.ebro.valley.angling Guide Heiko Winter with a 96lb Albino Cat.
silurius12 First silures of Marco 1.50 and 90cm taken in the Saone near Thoissey. They are not large ones but they are his first ones.
silurius12 Small silures taken in the Saône river.
10 small fish for an immense shared pleasure.
As what the sizes is not so important.
alberto fishing team complicity ...
alberto Last caught of the autumn...
john This is the BEAST.
I'm in the middle.
xavier Vincent, my nephew, and his 189cm silure caught in early hours of the morning in the Rhone river.
xavier Sylvain Garcia with his 186cm silure of the Rhone river.
xavier Soon in the boat !!!
xavier Rico with his 167cm silure of the Rhone river.
xavier Vincent, my nephew, and his 160cm silure of the Saone river in Lyon.
xavier Hakimi with his first catfish.
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