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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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Photo Nickname Comment  
stevie.d My biggest of our first trip to the Top Lake, Mare de Aragon. The fish may be smaller but the fight is very good sport.
stevie.d Jan and her biggest cat of our trip to Mare de Aragon.
stevie.d My first cat caught from Mare De Aragon, the Top Lake. Mequinenza was just too full of anglers!!
stevie.d Jan and her very first cat caught from the Top Lake, Mare De Aragon near Caspe. The water level in the Top Lake is down nearly 50ft!
jeanmimi37 Same fish as previous after releasing...
jeanmimi37 Few seconds before releasing...
jeanmimi37 186cm wels catfish caught in the Loire river after a fight of 30 minutes.
stephen.buss Over the Moon
stephen.buss Big Fish are Friends not Food.
stephen.buss 24 Albinos in 8 months fishing.
stephen.buss Duncan Rooke 212lb July 2005
stephen.buss New Spanish Record. Guided by Stephen Buss.
stephen.buss Half Albino. Guided by Stephen Buss Late August 2005.
philippe.s. The truth? I was fed-up! Not eaten, madman's wind and almost no fishes. But Xavier insisted on a group of silurid and it was once again very paying. This is the positive of the day. Thank you Xavier (alias Jo Packett).
nathalie Zander:
st.sulpice.81 Nice moorning with my father... Recently converted to catfish fishing!
luca Three wels catfish from the river Po in Italy.
luca Wels catfish from the river Tanaro in Italy.
luca Wels catfish from the river Tanaro in Italy.
tommy "Schöner Wels aus Spanien"
philippe.s. And finally the last one and the biggest of the fishing day. The fish was caught by Michel (not on the photo) and presented by Charly and François. The Wels measured 1,93m.
philippe.s. 3rd fish of 1,51m caught by Philippe during our organized fishing day.
philippe.s. 2nd fish of 1,44m caught by Pierre during our organized fishing day.
lolo82 My personal best double in 15 minutes: 200 and 201 cm.
lolo82 Nicola Roncato (GSI/GDS) and Andrea Pomati (GSI) in Lyon.
alberto Wels catfish not having right moustache.
alberto Octobre 2005: Un silure de 215cm capturé dans la rivière Ebro en Espagne.

Octubre de 2005: un siluro de 215cm capturado en el río Ebro en España.

In October, 2005: a wels catfish of 215cm caught in the river Ebro in Spain.

Ottobre 2005: Un silure di 215cm catturati nel fiume Ebro in Spagna.

Oktober 2005: ein Wels 215cm, im Fluß Ebro in Spanien gefangen.
jeanmimi37 190cm fish caught after 35 minutes fight...
andrea.pomati.(gsi) Both brothers Mehdi and Malik, with a young catfish caught by Malik with Artificial Flexible Bait (Lure).
pechouille My personal best in Seine river.
Thanks to Carna75.
4 bites, 1m87, 1m48, 1 missed, 1 broken rod.
m.tarragnat September 24th, 2005: the biggest of the day (183cm) caught by Fabrice.
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Silurus Glanis
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