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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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michel.31 Catfishing in a float tub. Big sensations guaranteed.
michel.31 My wife Dominique caught her catfish (caught with no help).
thierryg25 207cm Silure in the Rhône river.
olivier My very first albino in the Seine river.
alberto Wels catfish of 208cm/6.34ft caught & released the 22-MARCH-2005 in the Ebro river (Spain). Caught this Bluecatfish on a Shimano CT700 reel with BPS 30# test line and a St Croix musky rod. The fish hit in 55' deep water on a 2' piece of cut skipjack (freshwater herring). I used an 8/0 gamakatsu circle hook. The fish weighed 62 pounds and was 50" long and had a girth of 33". This is a very big fish for these parts of the USA, not big by the standards I see you catch over there.
olivier ... And the biggest for "Vella" family.
olivier And it works !.....
olivier Lyons technique with Xav and Franck.
alberto A huge catfish caught with an artifial lure in the Ebro river.
olivier The biggest of day
olivier Beautiful T-shirt ;-)
olivier After the first fish the smile comes quickly.
olivier It's in the hook...
vincent The first week-end of june 2002.
xavier A large smile just before catch by hand.
xavier A catfish with a large head caught with Yuri Grisendi in the PO river in Italy.
esox.stradic François was quickly informed of the catches of my nephew (Loïc, photo page 39: [URL2]) and at the same place thus, he took this fish which in spite of its size, defended itself well.
esox.stradic Silure 1.16m 12kg taken with a shad. Small fish but beautiful combat.
michel.31 Wels catfish of 1m90 approximately taken with "bouillette 20 mm" (bird food).
olivier A super afternoon with Xav and his nephews, it missed only the webmaster ;-)
philippe.s. This Saturday my friend Steph was happy and I was very proud of him. The catch is really captivating and the handing-over with water... of rigour. BRAVO CHAMPION
maga Before back into water !
xavier My father with 1,60m catfish on the Saone river.
michel.31 Superb fish of 2m20 caught in Spain and fought in float tube by our "pescayre catala" Jeannot during nearly 40 mn. A team work rewarded well where everyone took an active part in this capture: - Marion and Bernard for the photographs and videos - Benjamin for the hooking and the releasing - Jeannot for the combat in float tube! For my part: clonck, navigation and handing-over with water. It should be noted that the handing-over with water took a bone to us score of minutes seen the intensity and the duration of the combat. It was "PURE HAPPINESS". The video of this great moment is in the video section of this website [URL3] or directly on my personal web site: [URL1]
nathalie Silure of 2m48 (approximately 95 kg) hooked by Jean-Claude and fought by Yann Galerne. The 2nd fish measures 2m18 hooked by Jean-Claude and fought by Jerome Chauvet at training course in the Camargue.
l@p catch & release
claude.valette Some nice photographs from Spain!
claude.valette Some nice photographs from Spain!
phil 1.96 meter silurus glanis caught in august 2002 in the Aragon Sea.
claude.valette Some nice photographs from Spain!
maga Caught in one afternoon with two smaller ones (12 and 16 Kg).
dick.halpin Dick Halpin with a Catfish of 129lb from the river Ebro in Spain.
adam.shannon 50lbs+ Catfish caught while fishing with Gary of on the lower Ebro in July 2002.
adam.shannon 154lbs Catfish caught while fishing with Gary of on the lower Ebro in July 2002.
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