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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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yuri.grisendi.(gsi) The same fish of the picture n°71 entirely photographed.
yuri.grisendi.(gsi) This is a picture of a 220 cm Wels, captured (and released after the photo memory) in October 2001 on the river Po in Italy. Bait eel with buoy system.
xavier It's the same catfish than in the photo 60. April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
xavier The biggest catfishes of one fishing night: 170cm 200cm and 222cm. April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
xavier Fishing in drift on the Rhone in Vienna. This silurid was the next-to-last of a set of 5. August 2000 - The Rhone - Vienne (38)
xavier The biggest catfish of Lionel: 222cm. Claude came to picture with us. (Same catfish than in photo 42) April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
le.facteur A splendid silure captures in Sègre with Mequinenza with the guide of fishing Marc Dupuis (on the left).
yuri.grisendi.(gsi) Beautiful Wels of 2,14 meters captured in Flerville in the North of Macon in the Saone.
claude.valette Again a beautiful "pèpère" for my friend René Weber of Berlin, who doesn't hesitate to make the displacement every year to face the Spanish catfish. That one came "to reward" us, hardly 2 hours after our arrival on the station.
claude.valette Here is a style of photograph which " pays of mine ". The fish does not need to be in entirety on a photograph to be emphasized. It is seen that it is " a large truth ".
xavier My biggest wels catfish since 10 year of catfishing in France. April 2001 - The Segre - Mequinenza
lucas.van.der.geest Here it is with the smile for a photograph.
lucas.van.der.geest The fish is assembled at the edge by firmly holding it by the jaw.
olivier A big "pépére" of the Small Rhone that succumbed to a roach handled of 10 cm!....
olivier A silure of the Small Rhone victim of my handled.
olivier Here is certainly my biggest silurid 2001; -) Captured not very legal manner.
claude.valette Thierry Christians, of Belgium, spent its vacations in side sea to 2 hours of Mequinenza. Knowing the reputation of the corner, and wanting to tempt the experience "silurid" once, he/it had contacted me previously to fish an evening. Thing made, and record of the camp 2001. 2,30m and 73kg. The small anecdote, is that we had in the boat, to that moment, this fish and another of 2,15m. (for Michel Rodriguez!) The boat became suddenly a true rink, with more of 130 kg. of fish, and us 3! Epic! .
claude.valette A super-complicity with Yuri, "lit" as much as me by the catfishing ! The fish: 2,26m.
claude.valette 2 of the 4 fish of one "night of madness", with Yuri in August 2001. 2,20m. and 2,26m. The 2 other: 2,03m. and 2,15m. Thank you for Yuri for his precious help...
claude.valette The "biggest" and "largest" that I never saw. 2,19 meters but enormous. We had to be 2 to hoist the fish on board. The stomach of this fish was diforme, bacause: after some hours, it regurgitated a carp of a good ten kg begun hardly has be digest! Don't tempt to use the quick of this size!
lucas.van.der.geest Triple hook with a bunch of ground worms.
olivier Here is the photo of the vigorous silurid, that non happy to break us a cane, made Claude Valette take a small bath of midnight. We still laugh on it! Even though at the time I had rather a big fright because of the numerous branches showing on the surface.
loupenz My biggest in Mequinenza in April 2001. It measured 1M72.
xavier This was the fishing day in company of Claude Valette, famous fishing guide in Mequinenza. We did not gat back with empty hands. Four catfish were caught (and slackened after the photo souvenir). The two biggest were each 217cm and the two smaller ones measured 173cm and 150cm. All the captures were hooked with eels. Thank you for Claude for this splendid fishing party!
xavier Catfish taken by Lionel in Mequinenza in the beginning of April 2001. For the statistics, it measured 222cm and the weight was estimated about 75Kg. In the photograph, from left to right: Xavier, Claude Valette and Lionel.
yuri.grisendi.(gsi) Fish of 225 cm, caught in winter (08/12/2000), with the ledgering system and an eel for bait.
esox.stradic Largest after a series of very small, taken by Loïc who swored to attack larger ones next time...
philippe.s. Tieme in honor at the camp-site of Cuisery. And as he says: "[B]it's a beautiful silure citron (~lemon)[/B]". Bravo Tieme!
vincent My first silurid of the year 2000, captured under falling rain. July 2000 - The Saone - Place called 'Grange du Diable' (Barn of the Devil) / 128cm
xavier The first "real" fish of our stay in Spain.
xavier A wels catfish of 50kg which had made, 4 years before, the knowledge of Jean-Claude T.
loupenz My present record. This fish presents a small attrophie to the tail that makes him loose a few "precious" centimeters.
loupenz A new record that I didn't think to be able to beat in the same season (but this record was beaten one week later).
loupenz My first fish of my summer vacations in Lyons.
philippe.s. My friend Tieme from Holland is very proud to present this silure of 1,34 he captured in the Seille river at the time of his holidays in Cuisery. Another fact is that the eels he used as live baits were also Dutch...
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