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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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  Catfish Photos, N.335  
16-06-2004 jakub.vagner ID:335
Message for Xavier: My friend, strike of this fish was so hard, that my finger was almost gone!

Species Length (cm/ft) Weight (kg/lbs) Year Place Method
Wels Catfish 209 cm
6.37 feet/UK
6.86 feet/US
2004 Rio Ebro
Riba Roja
Drift - Karafiát
PHOTO: Copyright © Jakub Vagner
Date Nickname Comment  
2004-09-16 16:45 webmaster You keep the line in your hand untill you hook the fish. The strike of the fish for the bait (and the hook) can be very violent and surprise you. After hooking you continue the fight with the rod. When you lift-up the fish in your boat you must also pay attention to not hurt yourself with the big hook in the fish mouth.
2004-09-16 14:30 xavier Hello Keith, just contact with the fish, line in the hand and after the fight with the rod NB/ Sorry for my english
2004-09-07 04:27 keith you say the fish hit so hard it allmost got a finger. let me get this rigth you didnt have a fishin-pole?

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Silurus Glanis

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